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Welcome Football Fans!

The Capitol Corridor provides direct service to the Santa Clara/Great America Amtrak Station at Levi's® Stadium, site of Super Bowl 50. Trains are operated by Amtrak and offer spacious, comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi access, and a fully-stocked Café Car. Whether you're rooting for the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos, we look forward to welcoming you on board the Capitol Corridor!

Gameday Schedule

On gameday, Sunday, February 7, Capitol Corridor will operate on a special, one-day schedule, with over a dozen trains providing service to and from the Santa Clara/Great America Station. Train tickets are now available for purchase.


We encourage Super Bowl attendees to reserve train tickets online or via the Amtrak mobile app, in advance, as we expect trains to sell out quickly. Tickets may also be purchased from any Amtrak ticket agent anywhere in the United States or at Amtrak Quik-Trak machines located at stations. Capitol Corridor tickets are not available by telephone. Please note that the Capitol Corridor does not accept fare payment with Clipper, the San Francisco Bay Area's all-in-one fare payment card.

Trip Planning

Here are the best ways to use Capitol Corridor for travel to the Super Bowl game in Santa Clara:

From San Francisco (with a BART Train Connection)
  • Take a Dublin/Pleasanton Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train from any San Francisco BART station and exit at the Coliseum Station in Oakland.
  • Be sure to purchase a round-trip BART ticket in San Francisco to avoid lines.
  • Allow yourself 45 minutes to one hour for travel between downtown San Francisco and Oakland.
  • BART trains from San Francisco to the Coliseum Station will be operating every 20 minutes on gameday, and the trip itself once you board BART is approximately 20 minutes. Please review the BART schedule to ensure your connection to the Capitol Corridor train.
  • At the Coliseum Station, exit the fare gates and proceed to the pedestrian bridge leading to the Oakland Coliseum. About halfway across the bridge, take the ramp on your left down to the Capitol Corridor/Amtrak train platform. This is a 5-10-minute walk.
  • Board westbound Capitol Corridor train towards San Jose.
  • Get off train at the Santa Clara/Great America Station. Travel time on the Capitol Corridor is about 45 minutes.

Round-trip cost: $38.40 ($8.40 BART; $30 Capitol Corridor)

From Oakland/Berkeley
  • Capitol Corridor serves four Amtrak stations in the Berkeley/Oakland area – Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland Jack London, and Oakland Coliseum.
  • Board a westbound train towards San Jose from any of these Capitol Corridor/Amtrak stations.
  • Or, take a BART train from any BART station to the Coliseum Station in Oakland and follow instructions above to the Capitol Corridor/Amtrak train platform.
  • Board westbound Capitol Corridor train towars San Jose.
  • Get off train at the Santa Clara/Great America Station. Travel time from Berkeley is 1-1/4 hours; from Emeryville a little over an hour; from Oakland Jack London a little less than an hour; and from Oakland Coliseum 45 minutes.

Round-trip cost (Capitol Corridor fare only): $36 from Berkeley/Emeryville; $32 from Oakland Jack London; and $30 from Oakland Coliseum

From Sacramento
  • From the Sacramento Capitol Corridor/Amtrak Station, board a westbound Capitol Corridor train towards San Jose.
  • Get off train at the Santa Clara/Great America Station. Travel time on the Capitol Corridor is three hours.

Round-trip cost: $70

From San Jose
  • From the San Jose Capitol Corridor/Amtrak Station, board an eastbound Capitol Corridor train.
  • Get off train at the Santa Clara/Great America Station. Travel time on the Capitol Corridor is 15 minutes.

Round-trip cost: $17


What You Can Bring On Board


When you travel aboard the Capitol Corridor, be sure to review the NFL's security and screening guidelines in advance so you know what you can and cannot bring into Levi's Stadium. Capitol Corridor customers must also follow Amtrak's baggage policy, which allows each person to have two pieces of luggage up to 50lbs each and two carry-on personal items up to 25lbs each.


Capitol Corridor welcomes bicycles on all trains. They must be secured in either the large storage area of the train's bike car or to one of the bike racks available on the lower level of each car.

Food and Beverages

Each Capitol Corridor train has a Café Car with light meals, snacks, and beverages available for purchase. Passengers may bring their own food on board, but it cannot be eaten in the Café Car. Bringing and consuming alcoholic beverages from the outside is prohibited; however, a wide-variety of wine, beer, and spirits is available in the Café Car and can be brought to individual seats.

Security and Screening

Capitol Corridor passengers attending Super Bowl 50 must pass through a security and screening area upon arrival at the Santa Clara/Great America Station. After stepping off the train, proceed to the staircase located midway along the train platform and take them up; Station Ambassadors will be available to assist with directions.

At the top of the stairs, turn right and walk along Tasman St. to the Super Bowl 50 entrance arch, which is†near the VTA Lick Mill Light Rail Station. Passengers will be required to show their Super Bowl tickets here and will be directed to a bag search area for security screening. For information about what you can bring into Leviís Stadium, visit the NFL website guidelines.

Please note: Capitol Corridor passengers will be given a red wristband on the train during the trip to Leviís Stadium, and should keep this on until the completion of their return trip later that evening.

Wheelchair/Mobility Assistance

There will be Leviís Stadium ambassadors waiting on the train platform at the Santa Clara/Great America Station to assist passengers who are using wheelchairs or who need extra help getting to the stadium. Stadium ambassadors will also be available outside Gate F after the game to escort passengers back to the Santa Clara/Great America Station.

After the Game

Passengers who will be making their return trip on the Capitol Corridor should review their return train ticket and leave plenty of time to walk from the stadium to the platform at the Santa Clara/Great America Station. The area around Leviís Stadium will be very crowded, so we recommend leaving for the station about 45 minutes to an hour before your trainís scheduled departure. We also recommend fans exit the stadium via Gate F, which is the stadium gate closest to the train station.

Capitol Corridor passengers will walk back to the Santa Clara/Great America Station along the narrow Tasman St. sidewalk leading to the stairs down to the train platform. Once at the platform, please follow boarding instructions from Amtrak Police and Station Ambassadors, and be prepared to display your red train service†wristband.

In addition to the Capitol Corridor, the Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) train will be providing service to and from the Santa Clara/Great America Station on gameday, so be sure to board a Capitol Corridor/Amtrak train in the correct direction (eastbound for destinations in Oakland/Berkeley/San Francisco/Sacramento, and westbound for San Jose.) If you are not sure which train to board, ask any of the Station Ambassadors or security personnel for assistance.

Parking at Stations

Parking availability and rates vary from station to station along the Capitol Corridor. Check our station page for information on specific stations. Because we expect a lot of people to be taking the train to the Super Bowl on gameday, we encourage passengers to consider carpooling, getting dropped off, or taking public transportation to stations. Capitol Corridor accepts free transit transfers from a number of connecting transit providers.

Airport Access

Capitol Corridor is accessible from all three major airports in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Sacramento International Airport. Read here for details.

Super Bowl 50 Service Impacts in San Francisco and Santa Clara

Special Gameday Service
Sunday, February 7

To accommodate the large number of football fans who are likely to use the Capitol Corridor for direct service to the game, the Capitol Corridor will operate a special, one-day schedule to accommodate Super Bowl travel. This gameday schedule is in effect only on Sunday, February 7. Passengers booking travel on any day other than February 7 should use Capitol Corridor's regular schedule. Online train ticket sales are now available from this web page.

Parking Lot Closures at Santa Clara/Great America Station
January 4 – February 12

From January 4 through February 15, 2016, parking at the VTA Park & Ride Lot, the VTA-owned lot at the south end of Stars & Stripes Dr., and the Levi's® Stadium Yellow Lot #2 and #3, will be unavailable for parking by train passengers at the Santa Clara/Great America Amtrak Station.

SC_GA Closed Stations diagram

Passengers who were planning to use any of these lots during this period should park instead at the San Jose Diridon Station, or arrange to be dropped off at the temporary “Kiss n’ Ride” lot located at 5151 Lafayette St. in Santa Clara. Departing and arriving passengers will need to use the signaled, pedestrian crosswalk over the railroad tracks to walk between the “Kiss n’ Ride” lot and the station platform. Autos may park there for up to 10 minutes.

Those passengers who travel to the Santa Clara/Great America Station on Capitol Corridor and keep a “commuter car” there overnight will need to park at one of two VTA light rail station Park & Ride lots:

River Oaks Park & Ride Lot
Both lots are accessible to the Santa Clara/Great America Station by VTA light rail. Capitol Corridor passengers may obtain a free transfer from a train conductor to ride in both directions on the VTA light rail connection. ACE shuttles will not service either of these two lots.

Closure of Tasman Dr./Station Stairs
February 3 – February 7

Tasman Dr. at the Santa Clara/Great America Station is closing several days before the Super Bowl. Passengers, with the exception of those accessing Levi's Stadium on Sunday, February 7, may not climb the stairs to exit or access the station via Tasman Dr. Instead, passengers should exit the station from the north end of the platform to Lafayette St., making sure to watch for trains and use caution while crossing the tracks.

On Sunday, February 7, only Super Bowl 50 ticket holders will be allowed to access Tasman Dr. via the stairs.

Phase I Relocation of ACE Shuttles at Santa Clara/Great America Station
January 4 – February 22

Starting January 4, the ACE Shuttles will be relocated a few hundred yards east along Stars & Stripes Dr. towards Centennial Blvd. The new, temporary location is between David's Restaurant and the golf course – about a two-minute walk from the current location – and will be in place through January 22.

Phase II Relocation of ACE Shuttles at Santa Clara/Great America Station
January 25 – February 12

Starting January 25, the ACE Shuttles will move again for Phase II of their relocation. The new, temporary stop is at Lafayette & Calle de Luna. See the VTA notice for a map showing the new location. Please also note that the afternoon shuttles will operate 5 minutes earlier than the printed times in the ACE Shuttle brochures.

Suspension of SF Connecting Bus Stops (Except Transbay Terminal)
January 23 – February 12

In January, the City of San Francisco will be closing off streets to begin construction on two temporary venues as part of the Super Bowl 50 festivities. Super Bowl City will be built from Beale St. to the foot of Market St. near the Embarcadero, and the NFL Experience will be built near the Moscone Center from 3rd St. and beyond 4th St.

Due to the construction, the ongoing street closures, anticipated traffic congestion, and the need to get Amtrak connecting buses to and from the Emeryville Amtrak station as quickly as possible, Capitol Corridor will be discontinuing all bus service to and from the downtown San Francisco bus stops – with the exception of the Transbay Temporary Terminal – from January 23 through February 12, 2016. This will include both weekday and weekend service at the following stops: SFF Hyatt/Financial District, SFM Moscone Center, SFS Shopping Center, SFV Civic Center, and SFW Fisherman's Wharf.

Buses will operate on a regular schedule; however, they will only stop at the Transbay Temporary Terminal in San Francisco. From here passengers can walk or take San Francisco Muni to their destination. As an alternative, passengers can also take the Capitol Corridor train to either the Richmond or Oakland Coliseum station, and transfer to BART for travel to and from downtown San Francisco. BART tickets must be purchased separately and are available at a discount ($8 for a $10 ticket) in the Café Car. One $10 value ticket is sufficient for a round-trip between either Coliseum or Richmond and San Francisco.

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