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Cafe Car

Hungry? Visit our On-Board Café Car!

On board Capitol Corridor, you can grab a bite to eat or something to wet your whistle. Our Café Cars offer seasonal sandwiches, salads, fruit, snacks, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Be sure to ask your on-board attendant about daily featured items.

Food and beverages may be purchased on-board and consumed in the Café Car or at your seat. The Café Car accepts cash and most major credit cards.

Capitol Corridor Menu* (PDF 596kb, Effective 11/17/15)

*Selections and prices subject to change without notice.

Where to go

The Café Car is generally located on the upper level in the middle of the train, though some trains may have a lower-level Café Car. If you're on a train with a lower-level Café Car, look for "California Café" signs near the stairwell.

Bringing Food and Beverages On-Board

You may bring your own food on-board and consume it at your seat. However, per health and safety regulations, preparation and consumption of personal food is not permitted in the Café Car. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed on-board only if purchased in the Café Car. Consumption of personal alcohol is not permitted on-board. Consumption of personal alcohol is not permitted on-board.

Capitol Corridor Food and Beverage Policies

We ask that you please be mindful of the following Capitol Corridor food and beverage policies:

  • You are welcome to bring your own food onboard; however, you cannot consume your food in the Café Car.
  • Amtrak staff cannot heat up or prepare any food you bring onboard. The food preparation equipment in the Café Car can only be used for food purchased onboard our trains.
  • Beverage Refill Policy: The Capitol Corridor Route Café Services have temporarily suspended our free coffee/beverage refill program. We are in the process of reviewing this amenity and should have a new policy in place shortly. Thank you for your patience.
  • * Amtrak liability and policy prohibits passengers from bringing alcohol aboard trains for consumption purposes. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed onboard ONLY if purchased in the Café Car.
  • ** Please also note that the purchase of discounted BART tickets from the Café Car is limited to one (1) BART ticket per ticketed passenger. Passengers may be asked to show Café Car attendant ticket stubs.

Café Car

Download the Capitol Corridor Ride Guide & Travel Policies Brochure >

Beverage Refill Policy- Free Refills are back!
Effective November 14, 2012 Capitol Corriodr passengers who purchase coffee, tea or hot water that is dispensed into an Amtrak-provided cup in the Cafe/Lounge Car are entitled to one free refill.

The refill will come in a new 12-ounce cup upon return of the original cup by the customer to the Cafe attendant. The Cafe attendant will take the original cup and issue a new cup for the refill, marked with an X indicate that no more refills will be provided.

Please be aware that the Cafe attendant is not permitted to issue a refill of coffee, tea or hot water in the same cup that was used in the initial purchase, nor may they fill a personal cup or mug, per Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.