Capitol Corridor Emeryville Station

Nearly Half of All Riders Are New According to 2016 Passenger Survey

August 23, 2016

Every year, the Capitol Corridor administers a survey to passengers on board our trains. The purpose of the survey is to learn more about our customers, including how they use the service, demographics, and overall satisfaction.
The independent firm of Corey, Canapary & Galanis conducted this year’s survey in May, and 1,811 passengers participated, with surveys available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. If you were one of those participants, thank you for your contribution!

One of the most interesting and encouraging results from this year’s survey is that almost half of all riders have been using the Capitol Corridor for a year or less. While we love and appreciate all of our loyal riders who have been traveling with us for years, we are thrilled to see that our service is attracting new riders too. Capitol Corridor ridership overall continues to be on the rise, and that is in part because of our success at bringing new customers on board. This trend is especially impressive given the relatively low price of gas.

Following are highlights of the survey results:

  • The average age of riders is 45 years old, with 52% male and 48% female.
  • 86% of riders are satisfied or very satisfied with the service.
  • For those satisfied with Capitol Corridor, some of the key reasons are: courteous/helpful personnel, on-time performance of trains, and cleanliness of stations/trains.
  • Nearly half of all riders live in Sacramento (25%) or Alameda (24%) counties.
  • The most popular stations of origin are Sacramento (22%), Davis (11%), Emeryville (10%), and San Jose (10%).
  • The most popular destination stations are Sacramento (29%), Emeryville (13%), Davis (12%), and Oakland/Jack London Square (8%).
  • The three main reasons stated for using Capitol Corridor are 1) avoid traffic (56%); 2) productive use of time (42%); and 3) relax/reduce stress (40%).
  • 21% of customers have brought a bike on board the train in the past 12 months.
  • 65% of riders use the Capitol Corridor for work/business purposes.
  • Nearly two-thirds of riders (60%) get to the Capitol Corridor by car; 18% use public transit; another 13% walk; and 13% bike.
  • One-third of riders (35%) are traveling on a monthly ticket; 24% are using a one-way ticket; and 20% are traveling on a 10-ride ticket.
  • Over half of riders (57% – up from 48% in 2015) used a mobile app or the internet to buy their ticket; 35% of riders purchased their ticket at the station; and only 1% bought their ticket on board the train.
  • Overall, riders averaged 126 trips on the Capitol Corridor in the last 12 months. Weekeday riders averaged 146 trips in the last 12 months; while weekend riders averaged 16 trips in the last 12 months.