If A Picture is Worth 1000 Words, A Link is Worth 10,000

August 4, 2011

According to “The Phrase Finder,” newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane first coined the expression, “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words,” in March 1911 when addressing the Syracuse Advertising Men’s Club (somewhere along the line it was attributed to ancient philosophers, but that’s a topic for somebody else’s blog).

If a picture is worth one thousand words then a link must be worth 10,000 don’t you think?

For more than a year, I’ve updated you on several Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority projects including our Automated Ticket (ATV) hand-held device pilot and the upcoming Wi-Fi installation. No doubt you’ve also heard about Capitol Corridor’s upward trend of increased ridership or funding for new trains cars. Recently, my staff shared several links with me of broadcast and print news stories that did a solid job of showing viewers these very topics:

• This news coverage about the 14% increase in ridership train ridership—specifically in reference to the growth that the Capitol Corridor experienced this winter—does a great job in capturing why customers choose riding trains over driving;

• A story about our announcement to offer free Wi-Fi on our trains by the end of the year conveys the excitement and anticipation of our passengers for this upcoming service;

• KCRA’s story about Capitol Corridor’s Automated Ticket Validator pilot program underscores the safety and security application our pilot program may achieve;

• A recent travel article about the City of Suisun on sfgate.com poetically weaved the Capitol Corridor service into its feature about this quaint delta town, and

• Finally, here’s an account of the US Department of Transportation’s multi-million dollar boost for American-made, state-of-the-art rail cars earmarked for Capitol Corridor service.

If you’re aware of news stories about the Capitol Corridor that you’d like to share with us let me know in the “Comment” section below!