It’s time to Get On Board!

May 17, 2011

Welcome to Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority’s official blog:  “Get On Board with David Kutrosky”  While I’m not addicted to my PDA, I do put it to good use.  I often use it to catch up on blogs that my peers post and I each time I do, I’m inspired to create my own.  This relatively new way for me to communicate will enable me to exchange comments with an on-line audience.

While I plan to continue publishing my quarterly “Message to Riders” for the segment of our riders who aren’t on the grid, the on-line version of “Message to Riders” will have this newer platform. Also, you’ll notice that the previous editions of “Message to Riders” are archived here.

Evolving my messages into a blog will give many of you timely status updates as well as an opportunity to post comments on my blog page.  I intend to explore a new topic every two weeks, including brief updates about Capitol Corridor projects and public transportation in general.

4 thoughts on “It’s time to Get On Board!”

  1. There have been multiple cars that have been vandalized at the Oakland Coliseum station. Somebody has been trying to siphon gas out of the cars. I didn’t report it. After talking to some of the other people that park there, they said that they had the same experience. Is it in the plan or could it be, to install CCTV to monitor the parking lot? Also which jurisdiction does the parking lot fall under? Oakland PD? Or Amtrak.

    John Yee

    PS I still love traking the Capital!!!

    1. Hello John: We do have plans to install video surveillance equipment at six unstaffed stations, including Oakland Coliseum, by early 2012. As always, please report crimes or any suspicious activity to the local authorities, and you may forward a copy to us at the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) at [email protected] mailto:[email protected] . The Oakland Police Department is responsible for responding to crimes in the parking lot. We will work with the City of Oakland Police to ask for additional patrol for this area.

  2. Hello David,
    I use a power chair to get around the majority of the time. I need to commute from SAC to San Francisco to go to appts. at SFVA at Ft.Miley. When I went to transfer to the bus from Emeryville to the City I was told NO! The station manager said it wasn’t his problem and it was the bus companies fault. Anyway the bus company sent a mini van with a lift. Same width as the bus and they loaded me in. I traveled with my head bent over into my lap and VERY uncomfortable. The driver could not see why the bus driver would not take me saying the width of my chair was too wide. It’s not as I measured. I e-mailed and w got the typical corporate letter saying we will forward your concerns etc etc etc. No nothing is guaranteed for my next trip or who is responsible for the failed connection and missed appointment at Ft.Miley VA. I made reservations for my trip. The guy in SAC said he had no notice I was coming and begrudgingly allowed me on board. Then the bus driver said my chair was too wide and the station manager said all he’d do is call the bus company and washed his hands of me. I’ve received no letter of apology and nothing in the way of payment for what I had to pay out of pocket for “Amtraks” mistake. I had to ride BART to Richmond and connect with the Capitol Corridor there to get home after a wasted trip and money for my rail fare. I now go without my chair in GREAT pain and agony. I’m still VERY hurt and VERY disappointed in the way my trip and e-mails were handled by “Amtrak”. No personal responsibility is accepted nowadays it seems even if you’re a disabled veteran that has to commute to Ft.Miley to get specialized care that is not offered at a VA facility closer to Sacramento customer service is not even offered. People just want to do the bare minimum and get their paycheck. No work ethics or integrity. Doesn’t anyone really care about passengers anymore? I’m GREATLY disappointed by Capitol Corridors/Amtrak’s response. I LOVE TRAINS! I traveled cross country in the 50’s-60’s every summer as a child and loved it. I’m so sad to see the lack of customer service these days. Thank you for maybe reading this.

    1. Dear Joseph: I want to assure you that your comments were read, and I was distressed to read about your experience. The CCJPA Transportation Officer will contact Amtrak staff to confirm the bus company’s policy regarding power chairs. Until we find out and can respond to the power chair/bus connection issue, perhaps using the Capitol Corridor to BART at Richmond could be a viable alternative. Please email us directly at [email protected] or call us at 510.464.6995 and provide us with details such as dates, times, stations, so that we can investigate this issue further.

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