Train Status

Staying on Track: How Capitol Corridor Riders Get Service Updates  

October 12, 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Service Information Communications survey. Feedback provided us insight into how riders utilize the electronic Passenger Information Display Signs (PIDsfound at our station platforms, in addition to our other communication channels (e.g. third-party train status apps, email/text alerts, and Twitter) for trip planning and service updates. 

We distributed the survey to our email subscribers and also shared it on our social media channels. Following are some key takeaways from the survey results: 

1. Our riders value PIDs a lot! 70% of respondents said that PIDs are essential to them or they rely on PIDs frequently. 

Importance of PIDs

2. Passengers at the station care most about receiving service messages that directly impact their immediate travel. The types of messages that people rated as “Very Useful” include Arrival & Departure Information, Service Delays, and even the current Time

3. When planning train travel at home, respondents most frequently use and for trip planning.
Third Party Communications

4. When at a station, riders most frequently rely on station agents, text messages, and train status app notifications for service information. 

Providing you with accurate and timely information is a big priority for us, and we know it’s important to you. We will continue to streamline and improve the ways in which we deliver important service news so you can be confident about your travel plans.