New Capitol Corridor Schedule

New Schedule Goes into Effect on Monday, January 24

December 27, 2021

Effective Monday, January 24th, the Capitol Corridor will implement a new schedule that is now available for booking.

You can also preview the new train schedule and the new bus schedule.
The January 24th schedule provides more midday service during the week in the eastbound direction, as well as increased late afternoon and evening weekday service.

The following is a summary of specific trip changes:

Weekday Westbound:
– Added: Trains 543 and 549
– Canceled: Trains 535 and 537

Weekday Eastbound:
– Added: Trains 534, 540 and 548
– Canceled
: Trains 520, 526 and 544

Bus Connection Changes:
Redding to Sacramento: Train 537 connection replaced with Train 541
Martinez to Eureka: Train 526 connection replaced with 524 and Train 544 connection replaced with Train 542
– Santa Cruz to San Jose: Connection to Train 544 removed
San Jose to Santa Cruz: Connection from Train 537 removed