Recent Delays Along The Capitol Corridor Route

January 31, 2017

Dear Riders,

The Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) has always prided itself on its commitment to ensuring the Capitol Corridor trains provide a safe, reliable and convenient mobility option to the congested highways in Northern California.  For the past seven years, the Capitol Corridor has achieved stellar on time performance (OTP) results, continuing to be ranked as #1 for OTP in the Amtrak system.

Unfortunately, as many riders have experienced and we have recognized, that has not been the case in recent weeks. This slippage in service reliability began in November 2016 with inconsistent service delivery and frequent delays to certain trains.  The CCJPA closely monitors the performance of the Capitol Corridor trains with our operating partners, and with the recent spike in delays and subsequent late trains, the CCJPA has worked with these partners on targeted actions to address and reduce the delays that have been lowering our service reliability and OTP.

Most importantly, I want you to know that we understand your frustration and the last thing that we want are late trains and unhappy passengers. We recognize that late trains disrupt your daily schedules, and affect your ability to get to work, appointments, or events in a timely manner.

In our early assessment, we have found that there is a wide array of factors contributing to the reoccurring delays–some within the control of our service partners, as well as others over which there is little or no control, or situations where there may have been compounding incidents.

The main causes of recent delays are as follows:
– Trespasser-related incidents
– Signal Failures
– Police-related incidents
– Bridge Delays
– Train Equipment malfunctions
– Track Maintenance Work
– Weather-related delays

Please be assured that I and the rest of the Capitol Corridor team are working very hard to address the issues that impact the ability to deliver trains on-time and come up with solutions to bring the OTP for the Capitol Corridor back up to the high-quality standards that the CCJPA requires and to which you have become accustomed to and deserve.

Among our actions, the CCJPA will work towards improving our communications with those agencies responsible for the operation of the Suisun-Martinez drawbridge, and will work with Amtrak Police Department and Operation Lifesaver to conduct outreach to reduce trespasser incidents. Additionally, we are working with our service partners at Amtrak and Union Pacific Railroad on addressing delays due to mechanical availability and reliability, as well as delays associated with track infrastructure and signaling that will be addressed with our state-of-good repair projects.

Once again, the CCJPA extends our apologies for the substandard service reliability of the Capitol Corridor trains and want you to know that we and our service partners are committed to bring service reliability and OTP back to the superior levels that we have continuously achieved over the 7 years.

Please do not hesitate to contact the CCJPA at 1.877.974.3322 as we do appreciate your feedback.