A Capitol Corridor Riders Guide to Getting to the Chase Center

October 22, 2019

The Chase Center opened its doors in early September and is already being called an astonishing and extraordinary sports and entertainment venue. The new home of the Golden State Warriors is also drawing big name musical acts and stars like Oprah. For our loyal riders who are wondering how they can ride the Capitol Corridor to get to the Chase Center, don’t worry, we’ve put our travel planner hats on and routed the best ways for you to get from the Capitol Corridor to the Chase Center in San Francisco. All of our recommended transfer options accept the Clipper Card for fare payment, so be sure to bring your own or purchase one on board the train in the Café Car.

Option 1: Capitol Corridor Train + BART + Muni

Take the Capitol Corridor and transfer to BART at our shared  Richmond or  Oakland Coliseum station and board any San Francisco bound train. Depart at Embarcadero and transfer to SF Muni. We recommend taking the Muni KT Line, which stops at the Embarcadero Station every 10 minutes and drops you off just three minutes from the Chase Center. The S Shuttle also runs above and below ground along a similar route to help with the increased demand.

Travel time: Approximately one hour from the Richmond and Oakland Coliseum stations.

Option 2: Capitol Corridor + Capitol Corridor Emeryville Connecting Bus + Muni

The Capitol Corridor’s dedicated connecting bus service picks passengers up from the Emeryville Station and takes them to San Francisco. After getting off the train, walk to the other side of the station to board a bus that is heading to the Salesforce Plaza stop (Service Begins 10/28). From Salesforce Plaza, you can walk eight minutes to the Embarcadero Muni Station. From Embarcadero, board the KT line to get dropped off just three minutes away from the Chase Center.=

For more information on the Emeryville bus connection, check our San Francisco Connecting Bus schedules here.

Travel Time: Approximately 35 minutes from the Emeryville Station to the entrance of the Chase Center.

Option 3: Capitol Corridor Train + Ferry

The SF Bay Ferry in Jack London Square is about a 10-minute walk from the Capitol Corridor’s Oakland Jack London Square Station and makes for a relaxing and scenic ride into San Francisco. Once in San Francisco, it is about a 15-minute walk to the Chase Center.

The ferry does offer adjusted schedules for special events at the Chase Center, so check their site for the current schedule. Note: The ferry schedule may not work for return trips as the final Capitol Corridor train may have already departed by the time the ferry arrives in Oakland. In these instances, passengers can purchase a multi-city train ticket and use another Capitol Corridor station for the return portion of the trip.

Travel Time: Approximately 45 minutes from the Oakland Jack London Square Ferry Terminal.

Option 4: Last-Mile Solutions

Sometimes, a last-mile solution can be faster and cheaper. If you feel comfortable ridesharing, we recommend using Lyft to carpool from either one of the Capitol Corridor’s East Bay train stations or the Embarcadero BART Station to get to the Chase Center. San Francisco BART stations have a number of scooter and bike-sharing options such as, but not limited to, Bird, Jump, and Lime.

Option 5: Your Own Two Feet and Wheels

Finally, if you’re in need of some exercise and really want to save money, there’s nothing better than your own two feet or wheels! The Chase center is just a 36-minute walk from the Montgomery BART Station. You’ll enjoy the event knowing you got your step count in for the day! Biking to the Chase Center is also a great option, as the Chase Center has Valet Biking for up to 300 bikes.


So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways to ditch your car, avoid traffic, and support public transportation!

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Extra Capacity Added for Thanksgiving 2018 Travel

November 4, 2018

Taking the Capitol Corridor is a convenient and relaxing way to visit family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday week. Keep in mind this is also our busiest period, so you’ll want to plan your travel in advance, and read our Holiday Travel Tips from the blog, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Following is important information about the Capitol Corridor’s Thanksgiving week service.

  • Train and bus service on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22, and on Friday, November 23 (in addition to Saturday, November 24 and Sunday, November 25), will operate according to the Weekend/Holiday schedule.
  • To accommodate the unusually high ridership, particularly on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after, we will have additional cars available for select regularly scheduled trains.
  • We will be adding extra capacity on some of our busiest regularly scheduled connecting bus routes to accommodate students traveling to and from Cal Poly, Chico State, and Humboldt State. The additional bus trips (organized by school) are as follows:


Bus 6234 – connecting to Train 532, departing San Jose at 12:20pm

Depart Grover Beach (GVB) 8:00am
San Luis Obispo (SLO) 8:20am
Cal Poly (SLP) 8:30am
Arrive San Jose (SJC) Noon


Bus 6228 – connecting to Train 728, departing San Jose at 10:10am

Depart Grover Beach (GVB) 5:50am
San Luis Obispo (SLO) 6:10am
Cal Poly (SLP) 6:20am
Arrive San Jose (SJC) 9:50am

Bus 6288 – connecting to Train 738, departing San Jose at 4:10pm

Depart Grover Beach (GVB) 11:50am
San Luis Obispo (SLO) 12:10pm
Cal Poly (SLP) 12:20pm
Arrive San Jose (SJC) 3:50pm


Bus 6241 – connecting from Train 741, arriving San Jose at 5:18pm

Depart San Jose (SJC) 5:25pm
Cal Poly (SLP) 8:55pm
San Luis Obispo (SLO) 9:05pm
Arrive Grover Beach (GVB) 9:25pm

Bus 6247 – connecting from Train 747, arriving San Jose at 8:48pm

Depart San Jose (SJC) 8:55pm
Cal Poly (SLP) 12:25am
San Luis Obispo (SLO) 12:35am
Arrive Grover Beach (GVB) 12:55am


Bus 3716* – connecting to Train 543, departing Sacramento at 3:35pm

Depart Chico (CIC) 12:40pm
Arrive Sacramento (SAC) 2:50pm

*Then regular schedule to Stockton.


Bus 3703 – connecting from Train 724 arriving Sacramento at 11:24am

Depart Sacramento (SAC) 11:45am
Arrive Chico (CIC) 1:45pm

Bus 3719 – connecting from Train 742 arriving Sacramento at 8:04pm

Depart Sacramento (SAC) 10:35pm
Chico (CIC) 12:35am (11/26)


Friday, 11/16 Bus 6310 – connecting to Train 522 departing Martinez at 7:11am or Train 523, departing Martinez at 6:31am

Saturday, 11/17 Bus 6310 – connecting to Train 720 departing Martinez at 9:01am or Train 723, departing Martinez at 7:11am

Sunday, 11/18 Bus 6310 – connecting to Train 720 departing Martinez at 9:01am or Train 723, departing Martinez at 7:11am

Depart Arcata (ARC) 12:30am
Eureka (EKA) 12:45am
Ukiah (UKH) 3:00am
Arrive Martinez (MTZ) 6:00am


Bus 6315 – connecting from Train 736 and Train 743, both arriving Martinez at 4:56pm 

Depart Martinez (MTZ) 5:30pm
Ukiah (UKH) 8:30pm
Eureka (EKA) 11:40pm
Arrive Arcata (ARC) Midnight

Please keep in mind that many connecting bus routes require reservations and fill up fast. We encourage you to book early, and if possible, avoid travel on the busiest days — the day before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Once you’ve booked your ticket, there’s no need to print it; you can pull up the PDF of your ticket (with the QR code) on your phone and show the conductor.

Got luggage? Please review Amtrak’s baggage policy. You may bring two bags and two carry-on personal items, collectively weighing up to 150 pounds, for free. Excess bags will cost $20.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard the Capitol Corridor this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!

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