April 26 Update from Managing Director, Rob Padgette

April 26, 2021

Dear Riders,

Over the past several weeks, two words have been on my mind: optimismĀ andĀ vigilance.

Optimism because COVID-19 cases and vaccinations are trending in all the right directions. As counties along our route move into less restrictive tiers, we expect to see, and have been seeing, more people getting back on the train for work, school, and leisure trips. More April 26 Update from Managing Director, Rob Padgette

Join Us Online for ā€œCorridor Conversationsā€ with Managing Director, Rob Padgette

September 4, 2020

Zoom into our virtual ā€œCorridor Conversationsā€ with Managing Director, Rob Padgette, and Deputy Director, Leo Sanchez. They will provide an update on Capitol Corridor service and ridership, as well as protocols we’ve implemented to maintain health and safety during COVID-19. You will also hear about the status of some of our current projects and have an opportunity to ask questions.

More Join Us Online for ā€œCorridor Conversationsā€ with Managing Director, Rob Padgette

We Stand Against Racism

July 27, 2020

Dear Riders,

As we collectively battle a health crisis around the world that has taken half a million lives and caused the loss of millions of jobs, the recent killings of George Floyd,Ā AhmaudĀ Aubery, and Breonna Taylor,Ā andĀ manyĀ others, remind us thatĀ countless peopleĀ are also fighting a battle against systemic racism that has been ongoing for too many years.Ā Ā 

We cannot andĀ willĀ not be silent on this matter.Ā Ā 

We atĀ theĀ Capitol Corridor believe that Black Lives Matter. We stand against racism and stand in solidarity withĀ Black people against the injustices they have experienced due to the color of their skin.Ā Ā 

TheĀ Capitol Corridor exists to connect the people of Northern California across its diverse communities and beyond with safe, reliable, and convenient transportation.Ā OurĀ community ofĀ riders reflectsĀ theĀ diversity of our region, and our service would not beĀ what it isĀ without all that ourĀ ridersĀ bringĀ to us. We are grateful for,Ā and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.Ā 

It isĀ our responsibility to ourĀ riders,Ā colleagues, families, friends, and members of the communities we serve to find ways to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity in our industry,Ā now and into the future.Ā We are committed to making a difference, and our staff will meet regularly to identifyĀ and implementĀ actions that we can take to fight racismĀ and give voice to Black people.Ā 

We know train travel is a necessity for some, and an adventure for others, andĀ weĀ are always workingĀ on how we can make everyone feel welcomeĀ and safeĀ on their journey.Ā 

We are listening and learning, and we are committed to actively working for change.Ā And we will aim to lift up others in all we do, and fight for a brighter futureĀ together.

Yours sincerely,