Changes to Connecting Bus Service from San Francisco to Emeryville

September 5, 2019

Effective Monday, September 9, 2019, there will be schedule and route changes to weekday connecting bus service between San Francisco and Emeryville. The primary change is that the number of buses covering the

afternoon service to Sacramento-bound Train 542 (and the San Joaquins Train 718) will be reduced from three to two. As a result, bus departures from the Shopping Center (SFS) and Financial District/Hyatt (SFF) stop will be 15 minutes earlier. The scheduled departures from the Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf and Transbay Temporary Terminal stops will remain the same. There will be no other changes to the Capitol Corridor schedule.

The following table shows the schedule by stop before and after the September 9 schedule change.

Bus Stop Current Departure NEW Departure
(Effective 9/9/19)
Shopping Center (SFS) 4:20pm 4:05pm
Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf (SFW) 4:10pm 4:10pm
Financial District/Hyatt (SFF) 4:35pm 4:20pm
Transbay Temporary Terminal (SFC) 4:35pm 4:35 pm
Emeryville Station (arrival) 5:15pm
(Train 542 departs at 5:27pm)
(Train 542 departs at 5:27pm)

BART Service Between San Francisco and Richmond/Oakland Coliseum

As an alternative, when traveling to/from downtown San Francisco, passengers may also use Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) at the Richmond Station or Oakland Coliseum Station to connect to Capitol Corridor. Check BART schedules, routes, and fares here. BART fares may be paid with a Clipper card, available for purchase on board Capitol Corridor trains in the Cafe Car.