Service Advisory

Service Advisory:Potential Railroad Strike Anticipated

September 12, 2022


UPDATED 9/15/2022:

Strike has been averted due to tentative agreement. We will run regularly scheduled train service today. All bus connections will also resume regularly scheduled service.

UPDATED 9/14/2022:

Update on Possible Railroad Strike: Partial service on Thursday, 9/15/22 

As a follow up to our message from Monday, we are anticipating a labor strike later this week involving the nation’s freight railroads. We initially expected we would need to suspend service starting this Thursday, however, we now know that we WILL be able to operate partial service on Thursday as shown below. If continued labor negotiations do not result in an agreement, Capitol Corridor will operate service as shown below on Thursday, September 15, 2022, and beginning Friday, September 16, 2022, all Capitol Corridor service would be suspended until further notice. We will reintroduce service as quickly as possible after the labor dispute is resolved. 

Service on Thursday, September 15th 

Westbound Train Service  

  • Train 521 Sacramento – San Jose Diridon 
  • Train 523 Sacramento – San Jose Diridon 
  • Train 525 Sacramento – Oakland Jack London 
  • Train 527 Auburn – San Jose Diridon 
  • Train 531 Sacramento – San Jose Diridon 
  • Train 541 – Cancelled* 
  • Train 545 Sacramento – Oakland Jack London 
  • Train 547- Cancelled  
  • Train 551 – Cancelled 

Eastbound Train Service  

  • Train 522 Oakland Jack London – Sacramento 
  • Train 524 San Jose Diridon – Sacramento 
  • Train 528 San Jose Diridon – Sacramento 
  • Train 532 San Jose Diridon – Sacramento 
  • Train 534 – Cancelled 
  • Train 536 Oakland Jack London – Sacramento 
  • Train 538 San Jose Diridon – Sacramento – will terminate at Sacramento and a bus will serve Roseville, Rocklin, and Auburn 
  • Train 542 – Cancelled 
  • Train 546 – Cancelled 

*Train 541 will not be in operation on Thursday, September 15. Passengers with a planned bus connection between Reno and Sacramento should plan to connect to Train 545 in Sacramento, which departs at 3:55pm. Sales for Bus 6241, which connects from Train 541 in San Jose and travels to Santa Barbara, have been suspended.  

If a strike is averted and we can resume service on Friday, September 16, Train 527 will start out of Sacramento and Train 524 will start out of Oakland. 

We will continue to provide updates to this situation as we learn more. 


Original post (9/12/22): Please be advised that a labor strike impacting the nation’s freight railroads appears increasingly likely later this week. In the event of a railroad strike, service on the Capitol Corridor is expected to be suspended as early as Thursday, September 15, 2022, with no known date for resumption of service. Due to the widespread impact of a potential strike across our service route, we will not be able to establish bus bridges during this event but will keep you informed of alternative options. We advise that you plan on alternate transportation for travel starting on Thursday, September 15th.

We are hopeful that all parties will come to an agreement without any interruption in service, however, we also understand that you need to be aware of this possibility to make informed plans about your travel later this week.

Currently, the nation’s Class I freight carriers, including Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), are in dispute with their unions and are in negotiations. If a strike is called, freight and passenger operations on corridors managed by freight railroads would cease, including the UPRR lines on which Capitol Corridor operates. The potential duration of a labor action is unknown, but given the national disruption that this will cause, our hope is that resolution would occur relatively quickly. Our ability to resume service will depend on the duration of the strike. Please watch our website ( and social media channels for updates.

In the event of an actual strike, we will provide an announcement and will provide more details as we are able. Please share this information with your fellow riders. We encourage all riders to sign up for our email/text message updates or to follow us on Twitter. Thank you.