Station Accessibility Improvements Set to Begin on Monday, August 23 at Oakland Coliseum Station

August 16, 2021

Starting Monday, August 23, and going through the end of November 2021, construction will take place Monday through Friday from 7am to 5:30pm at the Oakland Coliseum Station to improve ADA accessibility.

Our operating partner, Amtrak, under contract with Granite Construction, will be leading this critical project that is part of a federal funding package for improving accessibility at rail stations.

Accessibility improvements are planned at other Capitol Corridor/Amtrak stations as part of a larger effort to ensure that all stations are compliant with ADA regulations. As construction plans are finalized for other stations, we will provide additional dates and details.

Impact of Construction Work on Passengers

All construction work will take place in two phases to limit the impact to the traveling public. During the construction period, portions of the boarding platform will be unavailable to passengers; however, there will always be a section of the platform open to all riders.

Signage will be set up throughout the station to direct customers to the open platform section(s). To ensure safety, construction fencing will keep the public from entering work zones 24/7 until the project is completed.

During construction, Capitol Corridor passengers can expect typical construction noise from equipment and tools; warning horns or whistles when crews need to clear the tracks; and construction trucks operating in and out of the worksite.

We do not expect this construction project to impact train schedules; however, conductors on trains arriving at the Oakland Coliseum Station will need to limit the number of doors they open since only a portion of the platform will be available for boarding at a given time.

Construction Specifics

The specific work being done at the Oakland Coliseum Station includes:

    • Platform repairs, including grinding the concrete surface to make it easier to pass over;
    • demolition and reconstruction of one curb ramp adjacent to the parking lot; and
    • new signage and pavement striping.