Weekend Picks: San Francisco Sea Lion Walking Tour, Oakland Grand Lake Food Tour, Sacramento Dine Downtown, and Davis Friday ArtAbout

January 10, 2018

What’s on the to-do list this weekend? How about you take a sea lion walking tour in San Francisco, try downtown Sacramento’s best restaurants, discover culinary gems in Oakland, and explore art galleries in Davis. No matter what you choose, there is sure to be an event for everyone along the Capitol Corridor! More Weekend Picks: San Francisco Sea Lion Walking Tour, Oakland Grand Lake Food Tour, Sacramento Dine Downtown, and Davis Friday ArtAbout

The Ultimate Guide to Microbreweries Along the Capitol Corridor

October 20, 2016

Updated March 21, 2019

Every year, California breweries produce about 3.3 billion gallons of beer— 3.5 gallons per drinking age adult— according to the Brewers Association, a non-profit that keeps tabs on craft beer sales and production nationwide. With all those brews freshly flowing, why not make your Tour de Brew via the Capitol Corridor? Some of the best of the nearly 800 breweries in California are within strolling distance of our stations. Each of these breweries, listed here from south to north, offers its own unique taste of Nor Cal— and, of course, we will be your designated driver after all the tipsy taste-testing! More The Ultimate Guide to Microbreweries Along the Capitol Corridor

Docks to Delta Program Brings California’s Agricultural History to Life Aboard the Capitol Corridor

August 4, 2016

Anyone who rides the Capitol Corridor train can appreciate the freedom it bestows. There’s no traffic to contend with, so you can sit back and relax, read a book, access the Internet, enjoy something from the Café Car, listen to music, or socialize with friends and family. The options are limitless.

On Saturday, September 26, 2015, one group of travelers took the train experience to another level by participating in an on board educational program organized by the California Institute of Rural Studies (CIRS). The program, entitled Docks to Delta: Listening to the Landscape Along the Capitol Corridor, was conducted entirely on a Capitol Corridor train, with the group traveling midday from Oakland to Sacramento, and back, with only a short, 40-minute layover at the Sacramento Station.

IMG_0522The main organizer of Docks to Delta and a CIRS project director, Ildi Carlisle-Cummins, contacted Capitol Corridor several months in advance of the trip to arrange for the group to travel together in one car. Capitol Corridor offers a discount fare for groups of 20 or more, and of the dozens of groups that travel each year on the Capitol Corridor, most take the train to a specific destination where they spend some time before the return trip.

This group excursion was different though because the train ride itself was the destination. During the trip to Sacramento, participants were seated on the top and bottom levels of one train car wearing headsets that CIRS had distributed in Oakland. They listened to untold stories, narrated live, of California’s rich agricultural history as the train made its way from Oakland and Berkeley, along the beautiful shores of San Pablo Bay, through the Suisun Delta and rich farmlands of Davis, and on to Sacramento. All of these stories are available to the public via a series of three podcasts developed by CIRS after the on board event.

IMG_5971On the way back to Oakland, participants and regular passengers who happened to be on the train, enjoyed a wine tasting event featuring wines served on board the Capitol Corridor and selections from a local vineyard; lunch provided by Whole Foods; and the opportunity to converse with one another and the storytellers.

“We decided to go with this live presentation, on board train format in order to bring our stories to life,” explained Carlisle-Cummins. “The Capitol Corridor travels through some of Northern California’s most scenic areas, but what people don’t necessarily know is how intimately connected this landscape is to the regions’s agricultural history. By bringing together guest storytellers with participants on the train, we were able to offer a much richer and informative program.”

This article was originally posted in October 2015. The Docks to Delta podcast series is now available for your listening pleasure on the Capitol Corridor website.


Chickens Take the Spotlight at the Tour de Cluck

June 2, 2015

Many people come to Davis to experience the lively downtown, the university vibe, and…the chickens? That’s right, in Davis there’s actually an annual event that involves biking around the city to check out backyard chicken coops. The Tour de Cluck, now in its sixth year, was on Saturday, May 30 and gave Davis residents, as well as out-of-towners, the opportunity to learn more about sustainable agriculture, admire chicken coop design, and exchange tips for raising these backyard birds. More Chickens Take the Spotlight at the Tour de Cluck