Service Advisory

BART Track Work at Richmond Station: Red Line Cancelled on 2/17-19, 3/16-17, 4/13-14, and 4/27-28

March 15, 2024

Due to BARTโ€™s track improvement project, the Red Line (Richmond-Millbrae) will be cancelled on the following weekends: February 17-19, March 16-17, April 13-14, and April 27-28.

The Richmond Station will remain open for Capitol Corridor riders to travel through the station and board the bus bridge at Richmond. BART will provide a free bus bridge between Richmond Station and El Cerrito del Norte Station on all four weekends.

Capitol Corridor riders who would normally take the BART Red Line should instead:

  1. Take the bus bridge from Richmond Station to El Cerrito del Norte Station
  2. At El Cerrito del Norte Station, board an Orange Line (Richmond-Berryessa) train to MacArthur Station
  3. At MacArthur Station, transfer to the Yellow Line train towards San Francisco.

We recommend riders to take our direct bus connection to San Francisco at Emeryville Station. The San Francisco bus stop is located at 401 Mission Street on the corner of Mission and Fremont Streets, right outside of Salesforce Tower, at the base of the Salesforce gondola.

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