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Schedule Adjustments Effective April 3, 2023

March 23, 2023


New Schedule: Effective Monday, April 3rd, the Capitol Corridor will implement a schedule adjustment as follows:

For passengers who are affected by the San Francisco bus schedule changes, we recommend connecting to Capitol Corridor via BART at the Richmond Station.

You can preview the upcoming schedule at the above links.

Rail Advocate Robert Raburn takes the helm of Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority Board of Directors

March 22, 2023

Raburn elected Chair & Bruce Houdesheldt as Vice Chair for 2023-2024 term

Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) announces BART Board Member Robert Raburn and Roseville Mayor Bruce Houdesheldt were elected to Chair and Vice Chair for CCJPA’s Board of Directors’ (Board) 2023-2024 term. CCJPA’s 16-member Board of Directors provide oversight of CCJPA’s business plan strategies for the Capitol Corridor® intercity passenger rail service.  

“Chair Raburn’s years of CCJPA leadership experience and decades of transportation advocacy will be invaluable on the 2023-2024 Board, which includes experienced rail leaders and those new to CCJPA,” Capitol Corridor Managing Director Rob Padgette said. In January, forty percent of those sworn in to join the Board this term are serving for the first time. “Chair Raburn’s years of public service will bring critical leadership to Northern California in this exciting time for intercity passenger rail.” Padgette added. 

Chair Raburn, as a BART Board Member, has served on CCJPA’s Board since 2013, yet he has supported intercity passenger rail well before his role as an elected official. He has been a regular Capitol Corridor rider since 1997, the year he purchased his first multiride pass and used his bicycle to pedal to Oakland’s Jack London Square. 

“Capitol Corridor faces challenges so many public transportation agencies are currently struggling with,” Chair Raburn said. “I look forward to working with both new and seasoned Board Members to advance our key initiatives and continue Capitol Corridor’s role as Northern California’s premiere passenger rail service.”  

Roseville Mayor Bruce Houdesheldt, as Vice Chair, brings more than 25 years of leadership. He has vast experience representing small and national companies on transportation, housing, land use, water and air quality policy and regulatory issues. Houdesheldt joined CCJPA’s Board in 2021. Serving as a CCJPA representative from the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency, the leadership team will bring to the CCJPA the broad geographic representation so central to CCJPA’s success.  

About CCJPA and the Capitol Corridor®
Managed by the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA), the Capitol Corridor is an intercity rail service connecting the most economically vibrant urban centers in Northern California – from Sacramento to Silicon Valley, and including San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. With free Wi-i Fi on board, Capitol Corridor trains provide a convenient, reliable, and comfortable alternative to the congested I-80, I-680, and I-880 freeways for more than 700,000 passengers a year. 

Spring Break 2023: Car-free Destinations and Student Discounts!

March 20, 2023

CALLING ALL STUDENTS! Let us take care of your travels this Spring Break! Enjoy a car-free trip by taking the Capitol Corridor to your mini getaway or home. We offer FREE Wi-Fi, outlets, drinks and snacks from the Café Car, clean restrooms, and plenty of leg room onboard!

Be sure to take advantage of our Stride on Board student and current promotions:

  • 25% with 6-ride ticket good for one year
  • 15% off any trip any time with California Everyday Discounts (Use Promo Code V353)
  • Take 5 for $5! Buy 1 full-fare ticket, take up to 5 more friends for only $5 per person, each way! (Friday- Monday)


Car-Free Destinations:

Enjoy car-free and walkable trips within Northern California and the Bay Area. Whether you’re looking for a mini getaway to the city or want to connect with nature, the Capitol Corridor can take you there.


San Francisco (Emeryville Station OR Richmond Station):

Take a trip to the city by the bay! Get off at Richmond Station and transfer to BART OR get off at Emeryville Station and transfer to our connecting bus that takes you directly to Downtown (near Salesforce). San Francisco is a transit-oriented city, so be sure to get yourself a Clipper Card (San Francisco/Bay Area metro card) and let Muni take care of you!

  • Golden Gate Bridge and Presidio Tunnel Top Park: Take the 28 directly to the Golden Gate Bridge! Then walk to the Presidio Tunnel Tops for a picnic with friends! Bike or take the 30 to Marina District (Chestnut Street) for shopping, restaurants, and trendy bars.
  • Visit the iconic Chinatown and Little Italy (North Beach): Take the 30, 45, 8, or T (NEW Central Subway) directly to Chinatown. Enjoy dim sum, egg tarts, boba, and Asian snacks all in one place! Visit the fortune cookie factory and the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum (Bruce Lee Exhibit) and learn more about the history and achievements of Chinese immigrants. Little Italy offers the best deli sandwiches and gelatos. Walk along Grant Avenue for thrift shops and affordable souvenirs.
  • Thrifting at Haight-Ashbury: Take the 6,7, or 43 directly to Haight. 4 blocks of quirky shops and thrift shops. Enjoy vegan burgers and local coffee shops.
  • Golden Gate Park: Take the 5, 6,7, or N to Golden Gate Park. Enjoy the scenery, food trucks, and museums along the park. Grab a Lyft bike (Locate bike racks and unlock from the Lyft App) and ride along the car-free JFK Promenade.
  • Japantown: Take the 38/38R to Japantown! Enjoy authentic Japanese ramen/udon, desserts, and gift shops.
  • San Francisco Giants Games: Take the 30, 45, T, or N to Oracle Park! Enjoy the pre-season game against the Oakland A’s or walk around the park and Mission Bay.
  • Ride the Cable Car: Take the Cable Car directly to the FREE Cable Car Museum and Powerhouse! Learn more about the history and impact of public transportation in San Francisco.

(Please note: Muni Numbers= bus, Muni Letter= Light Rail)


South Lake Tahoe- Stateline (Sacramento Station):

Plan a trip to the Sierras! Take the Capitol Corridor to Sacramento Station and transfer directly to the El Dorado Transit bus connection. The trip between Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe (Stateline) only takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. The last stop is located in Heavenly Village, surrounded by hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, shops, ski rentals and less than 2 miles from the ski resort.

  • Download the Lake Link App (FREE on-demand shuttle within South Lake Tahoe, this will be your main mode of transportation)
  • Ski/ Snowboard at Heavenly Ski Resort: Highly recommend rentals from Sport LTD or other shops around the village
  • Snowmobile and Tubing at Tahoe Snowmobiles: 15-minute walk from the village. Please make reservations online and sign waiver.
  • Check out Casinos: Feeling lucky? Walk to the nearest Casino and experience the rush!


Sacramento Station:

Are you a history junkie or enjoy old architecture? Old Sacramento is perfect for you! The historic town is only a 7-minute walk from the Sacramento Station.

  • Must-See Museums: Sacramento History Museum, California State Railroad Museum
  • Railroad Fish & Chips: Family-owned restaurant that serves fresh seafood, burgers, clam chowder, and mimosas.
  • Fanny Ann’s Saloon: Old-school bar with an arcade! One of the most unique and well-decorated bars in Sacramento.
  • Cerealism: Go down memory lane and customize your favorite cereal in this new cereal-themed dessert bar!
  • Downtown Sacramento and the Capitol: Take the light rail/bus OR walk (0.8 miles) to downtown and visit the Capitol.

Let us take you out to the ballgame!


Batter up! We are thrilled to offer fans an easy way to get to and from the action at Oracle Park and Oakland Coliseum for all this season’s home games!

In addition to avoiding the stress of traffic and parking, fans who take the train will be able to get an early start by enjoying drinks and snacks available in our Café Car. We also offer FREE Wi-Fi and 10 movies you can stream right from your phone. Sit back, relax, and let us be your designated driver!

Please note these are NOT the full home game schedules:
View FULL San Francisco Giants Games HERE
View FULL Oakland Athletics Games HERE

San Francisco Giants Home Game

Date Start End (estimated) Opponent
 4/7 1:35 PM 4:35 PM Royals
 4/8 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Royals
 4/9 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Royals
 4/22 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Mets
 4/23 4:08 PM 7:08 PM Mets
 4/27 12:45 PM 3:45 PM Cardinals
 5/6 4:15 PM 7:15 PM Brewers
 5/7 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Brewers
 5/10 12:45 PM 3:45 PM Nationals
 5/17 12:45 PM 3:45 PM Phillies
 5/20 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Marlins
 5/21 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Marlins
 5/29 2:05 PM 5:05 PM Pirates
 5/31 12:45 PM 3:45 PM Pirates
 6/4 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Orioles
 6/10 4:35 PM 7:35 PM Cubs
 6/11 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Cubs
 6/22 12:45 PM 3:45 PM Padres
 6/24 1:05 PM 4:05 PM D-backs
 6/25 1:05 PM 4:05 PM D-backs
 7/4 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Mariners
 7/8 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Rockies
 7/9 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Rockies
 7/29 4:15 PM 7:15 PM Red Sox
 7/30 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Red Sox
 8/3 12:45 PM 3:45 PM D-backs
 8/13 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Rangers
 8/16 12:45 PM 3:45 PM Rays
 8/26 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Braves
 8/27 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Braves
 8/30 12:45 PM 3:45 PM Reds
 9/10 1:05 PM 4:05 PM Rockies
 9/13 12:45 PM 3:45 PM Guardians
 10/1 12:05 PM 3:05 PM Dodgers




Oakland Athletics Home Games

Date Start End (estimated) Opponent
 4/1 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Angels
 4/2 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Angels
 4/5 12:37 PM 3:37 PM Guardians
 4/15 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Mets
 4/16 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Mets
 4/19 12:37 PM 3:37 PM Cubs
 4/29 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Reds
 4/30 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Reds
 5/4 12:37 PM 3:37 PM Mariners
 5/13 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Rangers
 5/14 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Rangers
 5/17 12:37 PM 3:37 PM D-backs
 5/27 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Astros
 5/28 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Astros
 5/29 5:07 PM 8:07 PM Braves
 5/31 12:37 PM 3:37 PM Braves
 6/15 12:37 PM 3:37 PM Rays
 6/17 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Phillies
 6/18 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Phillies
 6/29 12:37 PM 3:37 PM Yankees
 7/1 1:07 PM 4:07 PM White Sox
 7/2 1:07 PM 4:07 PM White Sox
 7/15 4:07 PM 7:07 PM Twins
 7/16 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Twins
 7/19 12:37 PM 3:37 PM Red Sox
 7/23 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Astros
 8/5 4:07 PM 7:07 PM Giants
 8/6 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Giants
 8/9 12:37 PM 3:37 PM Rangers
 8/20 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Orioles
 8/23 12:37 PM 3:37 PM Royals
 9/2 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Angels
 9/3 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Angels
 9/4 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Blue Jays
 9/6 12:37 PM 3:37 PM Blue Jays
 9/16 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Padres
 9/17 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Padres
 9/20 12:37 PM 3:37 PM Mariners
 9/23 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Tigers
 9/24 1:07 PM 4:07 PM Tigers


The Capitol Corridor has several discounts available to passengers. Enjoy games with your friends and family and take advantage of our Take 5 for $5 deal. Visit the Deals & Promotions page for booking details.

Book travel to Oracle Park or Oakland Coliseum at


Capitol Corridor Announces Pilot Program to Let Riders Pay Fares with Contactless Debit/Credit Cards

January 27, 2023

Northern California’s Sacramento to San Francisco Bay Area intercity passenger rail line is first in the U.S. to let customers tap a bank card to pay on-board

OAKLAND, CA, JANUARY 27, 2023 — With its new pilot program, Tap2Ride, the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) is bringing the familiar convenience of retail payments to train passengers by allowing riders to “tap” their contactless debit or credit card to pay for train fares, just like they do for groceries and other everyday purchases.

Upon launch, Capitol Corridor will be the first Amtrak-operated intercity passenger rail line in the United States to accept riders’ contactless bank cards for fare payment aboard trains.

“We’re excited to bring our customers the ease and convenience of using their bank cards to tap to pay for train travel along our beautiful 18-stop route in Northern California,” said Rob Padgette, Managing Director of the Capitol Corridor rail service that connects the Sacramento capital region to the San Francisco Bay Area. “This modern approach to fare payment is in line with the free wi-fi, free full-length movies, spacious seating, bike storage, and other amenities we offer on our trains so that it’s both easy and fun to leave the car at home and choose to ride our service for work and leisure.”

The pilot program—dubbed ‘Tap2Ride’—is slated to begin by March 2023, comprised of 200 frequent train riders, with contactless payment readers on both levels of one designated car per train. During the pilot—which is expected to run for several months—Capitol Corridor will seek feedback from participants and determine next steps for a possible expansion of contactless fare payments in the future.

Capitol Corridor is now recruiting pilot participants and is seeking volunteers who represent a wide range of train travel destinations. The fast and easy sign-up form is at, and more pilot information is available in these FAQs.

The Tap2Ride pilot was presented, discussed, and approved at the April 20, 2022, CCJPA Board meeting; view the agenda and video. To launch this pilot, CCJPA tapped Caltrans’ California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP), an initiative—of which CCJPA is the fiscal sponsor—that makes riding by rail and bus in California simpler and more cost-effective, in part by providing free technical assistance to public transportation providers that want to modernize their fare collection systems.

“At Cal-ITP, we want to make it easy for riders to choose public transportation and use the bank card that’s hopefully already in their wallet to pay as they go,” said Gillian Gillett, who leads Cal- ITP, which recently published a case study on how transit agencies can help put debit cards and financial accounts into the hands of unbanked transit customers. “My team is pleased to support Capitol Corridor as they work toward providing passengers with a seamless and interoperable payment experience that’s been proven to increase rail ridership across the globe.”

Capitol Corridor needed an interoperable fare payment method because it runs between two major regions of Northern California that use two different closed-loop transit cards: Clipper in the Bay Area, and Connect Card in Sacramento. Neither Clipper nor Connect Card could be integrated with Amtrak’s federal and state ticketing requirements, and connecting transit agencies on the Sacramento end of the line are looking into accepting contactless debit/credit cards alongside their other fare payment methods.

To bring a more convenient form of fare payment to Capitol Corridor customers, CCJPA elected to pilot accepting contactless open-loop bank cards, the global standard for paying for goods and services. Beginning with registered pilot participants, Capitol Corridor customers will be able to pay for a transit ride the same way they do for other everyday purchases—without stopping to download transit agency-specific apps, juggle exact change, or buy or reload multiple regional farecards.

Pilot participants will also be able to take advantage of distance-based “fare capping”: Tapped fares are automatically calculated based on distance traveled, and they are “capped” at a weekly maximum when a rider taps the same bank card each time they travel between their home station and most frequent destination station on Capitol Corridor. This more equitable method of fare payment allows customers to pay as they go (instead of paying the full price of a pass upfront) and only for the number of train rides they take and the distance they actually travel. Riders can also monitor their fare spending via a convenient web portal.

Passengers who do not have a contactless Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card can order a free contactless-enabled debit card, such as the Cash App Card or Venmo Debit Card.

For the pilot program, CCJPA will be testing trips only on Capitol Corridor trains. CCJPA will not be including bus connections, though CCJPA will be evaluating and evolving the program over the coming months and hopes to offer bus connections in the near future.


About the Capitol Corridor

Managed by the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA), the Capitol Corridor is an intercity rail service connecting the most economically vibrant urban centers in Northern California—from Auburn/Sacramento to Silicon Valley, and including San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. With free wi-fi on board, Capitol Corridor trains provide a convenient, reliable, and comfortable alternative to the congested I-80, I-680, and I-880 freeways for more than 1.8 million work and leisure travelers every year (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic).


Priscilla Kalugdan

(510) 464-6992

About Cal-ITP

The California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP) was established by the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) and California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to both improve and encourage the use of multimodal travel throughout California—by enabling contactless open-loop payments (with debit and credit cards), standardizing information for easy multimodal trip planning, and automating customer discounts (Cal-ITP Benefits). Prior to launching Cal-ITP Benefits, the Cal-ITP team successfully led contactless open-loop payment demonstrations with Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) as well as public transit agencies in Sacramento and Santa Barbara County. Learn more at and on @California_ITP on Twitter, or by subscribing to the Caltrans Mobility Newsletter. And visit Cal-ITP’s for a catalog of code-compliant products and services for public mobility providers, including contactless payment acceptance hardware and software and discounted cellular data plans.


Erika Ehmsen

(916) 378-1312