Capitol Corridor Wi-Fi landing page

Better, Faster Wi-Fi on its Way to the Capitol Corridor

October 29, 2020

The complimentary Wi-Fi riders enjoy on board Capitol Corridor trains is about to get better and faster. Our Next-Generation Wi-Fi upgrade project has reached an important milestone, with installation of the equipment on individual train cars exceeding half the fleet. This is a huge step towards providing our customers with a premier wi-fi experience through a new network called YourTrainWiFi.

Faster Connections and Premier Content Now Available

Riders on upgraded train cars will not only find Wi-Fi service to be quicker and more reliable, but through the new Wi-Fi portal, they will also have access to great content, including a new feature, “Share-My-Train” that lets loved ones know when their train will be arriving.

Made possible through a partnership with London-based infotainment provider, GoMedia, the “Share-My-Train” feature will complement train status, local weather, curated magazine links, news headlines, podcasts, and other content already available to passengers.

Background and Timeline

The Next-Generation Wi-Fi project officially kicked off in Summer 2019 when we selected Nomad Digital to install, test, operate, and maintain the upgraded Wi-Fi network on the rail cars shared by the Capitol Corridor and the Amtrak San Joaquins.

The process of rolling out Next-Generation Wi-Fi began in late 2019 with testing, but installation was delayed in March due to COVID-19. In June, we were given the green light to proceed with final testing, and shortly after began installing the equipment on individual train cars.

With installation completed on over 60% of the rail cars, we are now able to release the network’s new SSID, or network name, YourTrainWiFi. We expect installation to be complete on the entire fleet of cars by early December 2020.

How Do You Access the “YourTrainWiFi” Network?

Starting October 20, all passengers on any Capitol Corridor train car will be able to connect to the new YourTrainWiFi landing page, instead of the legacy network, AmtrakConnect.

The speed of your connection will vary, however, based on whether or not your train has been fully upgraded, which could happen as late as December.

We are excited to have made so much progress on this game-changing amenity, and can’t wait for riders to take advantage of the faster connections and new content. December will be here before you know it!