June 2014 Service Performance Overview

August 26, 2014

For the fourth consecutive month, ridership increased on the Capitol Corridor over the corresponding month in 2013.  A total of 119,425 passengers rode Capitol Corridor trains in July 2014, representing a 2.8% increase compared to July 2013. Revenue for July 2014 was the highest in the history of the service for July and represented an increase of 1.3% compared to July 2013. The year to-date (YTD) Operating Ratio remained at 52%, slightly below the business plan standard of 53% due to revenues being 7.3% below budget projections. YTD On-time Performance (OTP) remains a superb 96%, maintaining Capitol Corridor’s distinction as the most reliable service in the Amtrak system. More June 2014 Service Performance Overview

Fans Enjoy “Traffic-less” Ride to 49ers Pre-Season Opener

August 19, 2014

Fans at Levi's Stadium

There was a sea of red on Sunday, August 17, at the Santa Clara/Great America Station as football fans poured off the morning Capitol Corridor trains from Auburn and Sacramento to see the “red and gold” in action for the first time at the new stadium. Capitol Corridor ridership on Sunday was brisk, carrying approximately 700 fans to and from the much-anticipated game. About a third started in Sacramento, although passengers were getting on at every station along the way, with Martinez having the second highest number of boardings. More Fans Enjoy “Traffic-less” Ride to 49ers Pre-Season Opener

April 2014 Service Performance Overview

May 15, 2014

For April 2014, both ridership and revenue for the Capitol Corridor were above last year’s April results, with 3.2% and 1.5% growth respectively. Capitol Corridor trains carried a total of 126,831 passengers in April 2014, with revenues of $2.44 million. The primary reason for the ridership increase was that the Easter holiday this year fell in mid-April, versus late March in 2013. Comparing ridership for the combined months of March and April 2014 to the same period in 2013 shows a slight increase of 1%. This is a positive indicator, but it’s still too early to determine if this trend will continue. More April 2014 Service Performance Overview

Capitol Corridor Celebrates Bike to Work Day at The Capitol Bikefest on May 8

May 14, 2014


Bikes, bikes, and more bikes at the annual Bikesfest in Sacramento on May 8, 2014.
Bikes, bikes, and more bikes!

Thursday, May 8, was Bike to Work Day, and Capitol Corridor hosted a booth at downtown Sacramento’s annual Bike to Work Day celebration, the Capitol Bikefest. It was a blustery-but-just-warm-enough spring day, and as a result, it seemed like turnout was even greater than last year.

Capitol Corridor came prepared for the crowds and succeeded in giving away every last piece of schwag that staff had transported to the event from Oakland via train and then cargo bike (of course!) People walked away with pens, train schedules, mini notepads, and those convenient coin purses that are ideal for bicyclists who need a place to stash a little money and their ID during a ride. The staff traveling back to Oakland thankfully had a light load for the return trip!


All of our materials were transported to Sacramento by train and bike!
All of our materials were transported to Sacramento by train and cargo bike.


We had lots of giveaways to share with visitors to the Capitol Corridor table!
We had lots of giveaways to share with visitors to the Capitol Corridor table!

One of the best things about events like Bikefest is that it’s an opportunity to step away from the office and talk to passengers, many of whom use the service every day. It’s always nice to hear from our riders, and at Bikefest we enjoyed answering questions and receiving valuable input.

As in past years, bicyclists who had been logging their miles into the May is Bike Month website, received a congratulatory t-shirt and were entered into a raffle to win one of several great prizes, including new bicycles, transit passes from Sacramento Regional Transit, and the best of all, four tickets to an Oakland A’s game and four round-trip train tickets to get there on Capitol Corridor! Gee, wonder who contributed that prize? Congratulations to the winner of that fine prize, Maria Baggett of Rancho Cordova, pictured below.

Maria Baggett of Rancho Cordova won 4 A's tickets and 4 round-trip tickets for travel to the game on Capitol Corridor.
Maria Baggett of Rancho Cordova won 4 A’s tickets and 4 round-trip tickets for travel to the game on Capitol Corridor.

And yours truly finally won something – a monthly pass for Sacramento RT – but I turned it in for someone else to win since I work in downtown Oakland and therefore don’t have reason to use Sacramento RT on a regular basis. I actually ride my folding bicycle to the Sacramento Valley or Davis station and then hop on the Capitol Corridor to Jack London Square.

Jim on bike with Cappy
Here I am on my cargo bike, which held all of the materials we needed for Bikefest. Who needs a car when you’ve got Capitol Corridor and your bicycle?

If you’re in the Sacramento area next year for this annual event, it’s well worth attending and also signing up in advance with the May is Bike Month website for a chance to win something nice. Visiting the various vendor tables, you can learn about bicycling opportunities in the area and get helpful tips on bicycle safety and maintenance. Capitol Corridor will almost always be there, so you can stop by our booth to say hello, pick up a schedule, and get some free goodies!

– Jim Allison, Capitol Corridor


Gear Up for Bike Month in May

April 29, 2014


Bikes at Davis station

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist, or just thinking about giving this healthy, zero-emission commute option a try, you’ll want to get yourself and your two-wheeler ready for Bike Month – May 1 through May 31, 2014.

During Bike Month, which grew out of the very popular Bike to Work Day, there are activities planned throughout Northern California where you can get tips on using a bicycle to get around, join organized rides, find deals on new bikes and equipment, or learn the basics about riding safely and maintaining a bicycle.

Thursday, May 8, is the 20th anniversary of Bike to Work Day . . . so there’s even more reason to celebrate! Following are  links to some of the major Bike to Work Day and Bike Month activities:

Sacramento Area: http://www.mayisbikemonth.com

San Francisco Bay Area: http://www.youcanbikethere.com  

–          San Francisco Bike Coalition: https://www.sfbike.org/bike-to-work-day

–          East Bay Bike Coalition: https://www.ebbc.org/btwd

Silicon Valley: http://bikesiliconvalley.org/btwd  


Bicyclists and their bikes are welcome aboard all Capitol Corridor trains. Remember, May will likely see an increase in bicycles on board, so be sure to pay particular attention to our helpful tips and guidelines for storing your bicycle on the train.

You may also notice that some Capitol Corridor trains will have more bike storage to accommodate the greater demand. Capitol Corridor has taken first steps towards rolling out its Bicycle Access Plan, with the goal of nearly doubling the bike storage capacity of each train. Eventually, the plan is for all trains to consistently have this extra storage. In the meantime, we’ll be doing our best to increase storage on the busiest trains whenever possible. We look forward to seeing you on board!