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Train Service Adjustments for Luke Combs Concerts 5/17-18

May 14, 2024

Due to the Luke Combs’ concerts at Levi’s Stadium on Friday, May 17, and Saturday, May 18, 2024, here are the following adjustments:

  • Expect more riders than usual on Trains 541/543 and 741/743. Please consider taking an earlier train to minimize crowding onboard, if you have flexibility in your schedule.
  • Trains 548 and 746 are CANCELLED.

Please plan accordingly and thank you for your patience.

Ticket Change and Flexibility 
Capitol Corridor is an unreserved service with flexible ticket options. This flexibility means that your ticket is valid for travel up to a year from the original travel date and allows you to change travel dates and or trains using your original ticket. No ticket changes are required under these conditions should your travel plans change. Restrictions do apply to tickets purchased using promotions. Please review promotions for full details.

One Ticket, One Seat Policy
It is important for riders to respect each other’s space and abide by our “One Ticket, One Seat” policy. This means the ticket you purchase entitles you to use only one seat; you may not use additional seats to store your personal belongings. Please store your belongings in the overhead compartment or at your feet and keep the seat next to you clear for others. This will help to ensure that everyone has a comfortable and safe ride on the Capitol Corridor.