Transbay Temporary Terminal Bus Stop Relocating to Salesforce Plaza, on Mission Street near Fremont Street on Monday, October 28

October 7, 2019

San Francisco Bus Stop

Effective Monday, October 28, 2019, we will begin service to the Salesforce Transit Center at a new on-street stop next to Salesforce Plaza, on Mission Street near the corner of Fremont Street in downtown San Francisco.

The unstaffed stop has convenient access to retail shops and is only a block off Market St.  The new stop replaces the one at the Transbay Temporary Terminal but uses the same code (SFC) in the booking system.

The Salesforce Plaza stop location connects with our three other on-street, and heavily-used San Francisco stops. We have studied various locations for our stop and have determined that we are better able to serve our riders at the street level adjacent to Salesforce Transit Center. The Transbay Temporary Terminal will close soon after our move. We are confident this new stop will provide a high level of service for San Francisco connections.

San Francisco Bus Stop

The new on-street bus stop is two blocks from the Transbay Temporary Terminal and is adjacent to the Salesforce Transit Center.

New Bus Schedule Going into Effect
In addition to the stop relocation, the Capitol Corridor will be introducing a new schedule effective Monday, October 28, for bus service only. This will include changes to the schedules of our San Francisco connecting buses. Stay tuned for further updates.

Other Ways to Travel to/from San Francisco
We would like to take this opportunity to also remind customers of other easy connections from our service into San Francisco. This includes Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), which connects to the Capitol Corridor at the Richmond Station and Oakland Coliseum Station for fast and frequent service to several downtown BART stations, as well as the scenic San Francisco Bay Ferry, which is a short walk from our Oakland Jack London Square Station and cruises across the Bay to Pier 39 and Pier 41, as well as Oracle Park and the Chase Center for events. Both BART and the San Francisco Bay Ferry require a separate fare. Clipper cards are accepted on both systems and are available for purchase on board Capitol Corridor trains in the Café Car.

Read more about the different ways you can use the Capitol Corridor to travel to and from San Francisco.