Update: 10/10/19 Service to continue during PG&E Planned Outages

October 8, 2019

Updated 10/9/19, 9:10pm

For Thursday, October 10, Capitol Corridor service is expected to run as scheduled during the continued PG&E planned power outages. Power to the Auburn station was restored earlier this evening, and all stations will be open for service tomorrow.

We will continue to make updates to this page, so please stay tuned throughout the day, as plans may change. Thank you.

Updated 10/9/19, 3:41pm
Please be advised that Capitol Corridor service is still in operation during the current power outages in Northern California. At this time, we expect service to continue as scheduled through this evening. Please be advised that the Auburn station is without power but service to the station is expected to continue uninterrupted through tonight.

We are still assessing whether or not we will be able to offer full or partial service for Thursday, October 10, during the continued power outages.


Posted 10/8/19

PG&E has planned possible power shutoffs in many Northern California areas, to reduce risk of fire during the expected windstorm on Wednesday and Thursday. Some of our stations are in the affected areas, however, we do not anticipate any disruption in transportation service due to lack of electricity. If your station is in an affected area experiencing a power outage, please note that lighting may be dimmer than usual, so please take care when making your way through and around the stations and tracks.