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Capitol Corridor and BART Transfer Timetables Available for Richmond and Oakland Coliseum Stations

March 15, 2022

Our connections to other transit providers bring tremendous value to our riders, and we’re always striving to make those connections smoother for everyone.

That’s why, after receiving feedback from the public about the need for better schedule coordination between our trains and BART trains, we partnered with BART staff to create helpful transfer timetables for our two connecting stations at Richmond and Oakland Coliseum.

The timetables, which can be found on our website (see links below) and via QR codes located on posters at both transfer stations, show BART train departure times within the Capitol Corridor train schedules. With this information, riders can see how much time they have between trains and better plan trips involving both agencies.

BART has similar timetables available to view, print, or download on its website. They highlights trips with the most convenient transfer times and show the wait time of each connecting train. BART’s transfer timetable includes times for both the Capitol Corridor and the San Joaquins.

The new transfer timetables support the two agency’s wider efforts to improve connectivity. While it is not possible to line up all trains due to unique operating constraints of the individual agencies – and the fact that BART has more frequent trips than the Capitol Corridor and the San Joaquins – we work closely to coordinate our schedules as much as possible. Our goal is to provide transfer wait times that are convenient for riders but flexible enough to avoid missing connections.

See links to transfer timetables:

Richmond Station:

Oakland Coliseum Station:

BART transfer timetables: