Levi's Stadium from the Capitol Corridor train

Capitol Corridor Ready to Welcome Football Fans Onboard Trains to Levi’s® Stadium for August 29th 49ers, Raiders Match-Up  

August 17, 2021

Planning underway for service to 2021-22 season games so fans can avoid traffic and parking hassles  

On August 29th, the San Francisco 49ers and Las Vegas Raiders will face each other at 1pm at Levi’s® Stadium in Santa Clara. With direct service to the stadium at the Santa Clara-Great America Station, he Capitol Corridor train is the best way to get into and out of Levi’s® Stadium for this at-capacity, pre-season game.

In addition to avoiding the stress of traffic and parking, fans who take the train will be able to get an early start on tailgating by enjoying drinks and snacks available in the train’s Café Car.

Planning Service for Future Games During the 2021-22 Season

For the August 29th game, and most 2021-22 49ers games outlined below, the Capitol Corridor’s regular schedule will accommodate fans taking the train to and from the game.

For those games in bold, train departures are too early, and Capitol Corridor staff is reviewing potential options to provide special, later departures.

San Francisco 49ers Home Games
Game times with train arrivals and departures 


Opponent  Game start  Game end  WB train arrivals 

EB train departures 

8/29/21  Raiders  1:00pm  4:00pm  11:39am  5:18pm or 6:18pm 
9/26/21  Packers  5:20pm  8:20pm  3:37pm or 5:38pm  8:18pm* 
10/3/21  Seahawks  1:05pm  4:05pm  11:39am  5:18pm or 6:18pm 
10/24/21  Colts  5:20pm  8:20pm  3:37pm or 5:38pm  8:18pm* 
11/7/21  Cardinals  1:25pm  4:25pm  11:39am  5:18pm or 6:18pm 
11/15/21  Rams  5:15pm  8:15pm  2:38pm  6:19pm* 
11/28/21  Vikings  1:25pm  4:25pm  11:39am  5:18pm or 6:18pm 
12/19/21  Falcons  1:05pm  4:05pm  11:39am  5:18pm or 6:18pm 
1/2/22  Texans  1:05pm  4:05pm  11:39am  5:18pm or 6:18pm 

* Schedule adjustment to accommodate fans to be determined.

Fares and Discounts

The Capitol Corridor has a number of discount fare offers available to passengers. Visit the Deals & Promotions page for booking details.

Book travel to Levi’s Stadium at www.capitolcorridor.org.

About the Capitol Corridor®

The Capitol Corridor is an intercity rail service connecting the most economically vibrant urban centers in the Northern California megaregion – from Sacramento to Silicon Valley, and including San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. With a Café Car and free wi-fi on board, Capitol Corridor trains provide a convenient, reliable, and comfortable alternative to the congested I-80, I-680, and I-880 freeways for over 1.7 million work and leisure travelers every year. (pre-COVID)

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