Service Alerts Now Available on Weekends

September 26, 2019

Weekend Service Alerts

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our Service Alerts to include Weekends through our email/text subscription platform!

We already offer service alerts on a regular basis for train delays, Monday through Friday, 5am to 9pm, but are pleased to offer this service to our riders who travel on the weekends. Also, we recently started delivering alerts throughout the duration of our service hours so that early morning and late night trains are covered. The result – we now provide service alerts 24/7 by email, text, and Twitter!

Weekend Service Alerts will cover train delays on Saturday and Sunday, as well as news about potential service disruptions scheduled to take place during an upcoming weekend (e.g. planned track maintenance). Except in the event of a major disruption, alerts will not cover connecting bus delays.

How to Receive Weekend Service Alerts

Even if you currently receive alerts from us, you will not automatically receive alerts on the weekend. You must first add Weekend Service Alerts as one of your subscription topics by following these easy steps:

  1. Click Here
  2. In the “Subscription Type” field, select “Email” or “SMS/Text Message” (Depending on which one you used to initially set up your Capitol Corridor subscription.)
  3. Type in the email address or mobile phone number that is attached to your Capitol Corridor subscription(s). This is the email and/or phone number where you receive messages from us; you can also put in a new address/number if you prefer to receive Weekend Service Alerts at another contact.
  4. Click “Save” – a screen will appear indicating you have been successfully added to the Weekend Service Alert subscription topic.
  5. Click “Finish” (or “Subscriber Preferences” to add or delete other subscription topics.)

How to Receive Alerts by Email AND Text

If you signed up to receive alerts by email, but also want to receive them by text to your mobile phone number, you will need to go again to the link provided in Step #1, select “SMS/Text Message” in the “Subscription Field”, and type in your mobile phone number instead of your email address.

We are pleased to now offer more comprehensive service alert coverage for all Capitol Corridor trains. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to update your subscriptions so you can receive the information that is most relevant to you and best meets your travel needs.