First-Time Rider

Planning your first trip on Capitol Corridor? Whether you are organizing a fun trip for yourself, or if you are considering using Capitol Corridor to get to work, here are some tips on how to get the most out of your trip.

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Research Routes & Schedules

  • The Route Map shows all 18 stations between Auburn and San Jose.
  • Review the Schedules page to see when and how often we serve all stations.
  • Check out our Destinations page for inspiration on where to go.
  • For assistance, check out our FAQ page or call Customer Services, 877.9.RIDECC.

Buy Tickets

There are many ways to buy tickets:

  • From our homepage.
  • From the Amtrak mobile app.
  • From a station Ticket Kiosk machine.
  • From a station ticket agent.
  • Onboard the train from an unstaffed station.

Save With Discounts & Promos

Arrive At The Station

  • Arrive at the station 15 minutes before your departure – earlier if you need to park your car, purchase tickets, or need extra time.
  • Electronic platform signs and station announcements will indicate your train’s estimated time of arrival.
  • Stay behind the yellow line while waiting for the train.
  • When crossing to another platform, cross only at the designated pedestrian crossing area.

Prepare For Your Trip

Board Your Train

  • Check the platform signs to confirm your train (it will say “Boarding” next to the train number.)
  • If you are bringing a bicycle on board, look for the car with the bike decal.
  • The Café Cars are usually in the middle of the train and are marked with a decal.
  • If you need any help, ask a conductor or any station personnel.

Enjoy The Ride

  • All Capitol Corridor trains have spacious seating, free Wi-Fi, electrical charging outlets, and a Café Car with food and beverages for sale.
  • Store personal items under the seat or in the overhead bin.
  • If you move seats during the trip, take your seat check with you.
  • If you get up for any reason, take along valuables, such as phones, computers, or cameras.
  • For more information about what you can expect on board a Capitol Corridor train, visit our On Board Experience

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Capitol Corridor has convenient connections with BART at the Richmond and Oakland Coliseum stations, and we sell BART tickets and SF Muni tokens in the Café Car.
  • Capitol Corridor offers free transfers to other connecting transit providers.
  • Learn the code for stations you frequent, and the number of your scheduled train. These will be displayed on your ticket and on platform signs.