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BART Weekday Service Reduction Starting April 8

April 7, 2020

As we approach a second month of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope you and your loved ones are doing well and staying safe.

For those who are using the Capitol Corridor service for travel to essential work – about 300 to 400 riders a day – we want to keep you in the loop of any changes that may impact your travel plans.

BART Weekday Service Reduced to Every 30 Minutes

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), which connects with Capitol Corridor trains at the Richmond and Oakland Coliseum stations, will reduce weekday service starting Wednesday, April 8.

If you transfer to BART from the Capitol Corridor, read BART’s news article for details. The primary change is that Monday-Friday service will run every 30 minutes systemwide all day between 5am and 9pm. Weekend service remains unchanged and runs 8am to 9pm.

The Capitol Corridor will not be updating its temporary schedule that went into effect on March 21, to meet BART’s “new” schedule; however, in checking the two schedules against one another, we determined that Capitol Corridor passengers should not have to wait more than 15 minutes.

Also, as a reminder, Capitol Corridor’s westbound Train 523 does not stop at the Richmond Station on weekends due to BART’s later opening that went into effect last month.

Other Transit Service Reductions

Virtually every other transit agency has also been forced to decrease service significantly – most notably SF Muni, VTA, and AC Transit.

Highway 17 Express, which provides connecting bus service between San Jose and Santa Cruz, is cutting their service further as well starting Thursday, April 9. The booking system will be updated accordingly, so if you are planning to travel between the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz be sure to check the schedule first.

As a rule of thumb, if you are using any other transit operator as part of your travel, check the agency’s individual website for the most up-to-date schedule information. We cannot ensure timely transfers with other providers, and we are not always able to maintain up-to-date information about their schedules.

A final reminder . . .

We are continuously updating our website with news related to our service during this public health emergency. We will also continue to share the most impactful updates with you via email and social media. Thank you as always for your patience and understanding.

Stay healthy and take good care!