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Train Adjustments for Taylor Swift Concerts 7/28-29

July 27, 2023

Due to the Taylor Swift’s concerts at Levi’s Stadium on Friday, July 28, 2023 and Saturday, July 29, 2023, here are the following adjustments:

  • Expect more riders than usual on Trains 541/543 and 741/743Please consider taking an earlier train to minimize crowding onboard, if you have flexibility in your schedule.
  • Trains 548 and 746 are CANCELLED. Passengers are advised to take Train 546 if you have flexibility on your schedule. 
  • Trains 550 and 750 for return service after the concerts are now fully booked.

Please plan accordingly and thank you for your patience. More information on special schedule and tips for concert attendees here.

One Ticket, One Seat Policy
It is important for riders to respect each other’s space and abide by our “One Ticket, One Seat” policy. This means the ticket you purchase entitles you to use only one seat; you may not use additional seats to store your personal belongings. Please store your belongings in the overhead compartment or at your feet, and keep the seat next to you clear for others. This will help to ensure that everyone has a comfortable and safe ride on the Capitol Corridor.

Ticket Change and Flexibility
The Capitol Corridor is an unreserved service with flexible ticket options. This flexibility means that your ticket is valid for travel up to a year from the original travel date and allows you to change travel dates and or trains using your original ticket. No ticket changes are required under these conditions should your travel plans change. Restrictions do apply to tickets purchased using promotions. Please review promotions for full details.)

Take the Capitol Corridor to see Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Ed Sheeran at Levi’s® Stadium 2023!

June 30, 2023

The Capitol Corridor train, which directly serves Levi’s® Stadium at the Santa Clara-Great America Station (GAC), will offer an adjusted train schedule to better accommodate passengers to watch their favorite artist perform! Ticketed passengers should give themselves at least 30 minutes to get to the station after the concert given the expected crowd. The train will NOT wait for late passengers, even if the show runs long. Please always stay behind the yellow line.

For the return trip, please make your way close to the exit doors prior to the arrival at the next station. Trains do not remain in the station for long, so you will need to be ready to offboard upon arrival at your destination.

Levi’s Stadium Concerts 2023
Santa Clara – Great America (GAC) station arrivals and departures

Ed Sheeran

Date Show Start Show End (estimated) Westbound Train # and Arrival (to Levi’s Stadium) Eastbound Train # and Departures (to Sacramento)
Saturday, 9/16/23 6:00pm 11:00pm Train 743 arrives GAC at 5:37PM Train 750 departs GAC at 11:59PM



Taylor Swift

Date Show Start Show End (estimated) Westbound Train # and Arrival (to Levi’s Stadium) Eastbound Train # and Departures (to Sacramento)
Friday, 7/28/23 6:30pm 11:00pm Train 543 arrives GAC at 5:05PM Train 550 departs GAC at 11:59PM
Saturday, 7/29/23 6:30pm 11:00pm Train 743 arrives GAC at 5:37PM Train 750 departs GAC at 11:59PM


Date Show Start Show End (estimated) Westbound Train # and Arrival (to Levi’s Stadium) Eastbound Train # and Departures (to Sacramento)
Wednesday, 8/30/23 8:00pm 11:00pm Train 543 arrives GAC at 5:05PM Train 550 departs GAC at 11:59PM

Fare and Discounts
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Sacramento Station Parking:
Please note the Sacramento Station Parking Lot/Old Sacramento Garage has limited space and requires a short walk (at least 15 minutes) between the parking lot and platform. Follow the signs and walk to the train platform to board.  Please proceed from the Sacramento Station building to the boarding platform and be ready to board 10 minutes prior to train departure. More information here

Service Alerts:
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– Comfortable Seats and Outlets: Plenty of leg room and outlets on every row
– Restrooms: Clean restrooms on both upper and lower level
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The Capitol Corridor is an intercity rail service connecting the most economically vibrant urban centers in the Northern California megaregion – from Sacramento to Silicon Valley, and including San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. With a Café Car and free wi-fi on board, Capitol Corridor trains provide a convenient, reliable, and comfortable alternative to the congested I-80, I-680, and I-880 freeways for over 1.7 million work and leisure travelers every year (pre-COVID).

Independence Day Bus Connection Service Advisory

June 29, 2023

Due to Independence Day events, the following bus stops will be suspended:

  • On Monday, July 3, 2023, Colfax stop will be temporary suspended and passengers are advised to use Auburn as an alternative.
  • On Tuesday, July 4, 2023, bus connection between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe will operate to the South Lake Tahoe – Tahoe Wye ONLY. The Stateline Transit Center is suspended for this day only. Passengers will have alternate option out of South Lake Tahoe and can take Tahoe Transit after parade.

Service Advisory: Minor Delays at Davis Station and Between Richmond and Berkeley Station Due to Maintenance 6/14-6/21

June 13, 2023
  • Davis Station: Starting Wednesday, 6/14/2023 to Friday, 6/16/2023, the Capitol Corridor may have minor delays at Davis station due to track work inside the depot tracks. The inside track closest to the station will be used for boarding and detraining all trains. The outside track will be out of service. All trains may incur minor delays of up to 15 minutes.
  • Between Richmond and Berkeley Stations: Starting Tuesday, 6/20/2023 to Wednesday, 6/21/2023, the Capitol Corridor may have minor evening delays between Richmond and Berkeley station due to track and signal work. Trains 546, 548, 549, 551, 521, 523, and 522 may incur minor delays of up to 15 minutes. 

Thank you for your patience!