Bus Bridge This Weekend for Train 736 (Saturday) and Train 729 (Sunday)

February 24, 2022

This weekend, Saturday, February 26 through Sunday, February 27, Union Pacific will be performing bridge work east of the Auburn Station. During this time, Train 736 on Saturday evening and Train 729 on Sunday morning will not operate between Auburn and Sacramento.

Passengers on these trains will be accommodated with a bus bridge between Auburn and Sacramento, including stops at Rocklin and Roseville. Please note that the schedules for the bus bridges are not the same as the normal train schedules.

More Bus Bridge This Weekend for Train 736 (Saturday) and Train 729 (Sunday)

Fremont Station Accessibility Improvement Work Set to Begin in February

February 17, 2022

Beginning in February (expected start date is Monday, February 21, 2022), construction will begin at the Fremont Station to improve ADA accessibility. The station will remain in operation during construction.

Our operating partner, Amtrak, under contract with Centennial Construction, will be leading this critical project that is part of a federal funding package for improving accessibility at rail stations. Similar accessibility improvements are already in progress at other stations, including Oakland Coliseum and Martinez, to ensure that all stations are compliant with ADA regulations.

Project Details and Customer Impact

New portions of boarding platforms will be constructed on the North and South sides of the tracks, with improved lighting, drainage, and signage features.

The project will be accomplished in two phases:

Phase 1 will be on the South platform located across the tracks from the station.

Phase 2 will be on the North platform which extends along the station-side parking area.

Customer safety will be maintained throughout construction. Paths of travel and access to available boarding areas will be designated and marked with signage.

During Phase 1, boarding will be consolidated to the North-side platform by the station. During Phase 2, boarding will continue on the North platform in front of the station and will also return to the newly completed South platform.

During construction, Capitol Corridor passengers can expect typical construction noise from equipment and tools; warning horns or whistles when crews need to clear the tracks; and construction trucks operating in and out of the worksite.

We do not expect this construction project to impact train schedules; however, conductors on trains arriving at the Fremont Station will need to limit the number of doors they open since only a portion of the platform will be available for boarding at a given time. 

Work is expected to be completed in March 2023.

2022 Black History Month: Capitol Corridor Honors Pullman Porters and Their Contributions to Black History 

January 31, 2022

In an era when rail reigned transportation, the African-American porter workforce helped define luxury train travel. For almost a century, Pullman porters worked the sleeping and dining cars that gave white travelers an extravagant riding experience. Pullman porters, who were almost exclusively Black men, are also recognized for their role in developing the Black middle class and advancing civil rights.   More 2022 Black History Month: Capitol Corridor Honors Pullman Porters and Their Contributions to Black History 

Annual Business Plan Workshops 2022

January 12, 2022

Between January 18 and 20, 2022, the Capitol Corridor will hold virtual public workshops via Zoom to present its Draft FY 2022-23 – FY 2023-24 Annual Business Plan. You can view the Draft Business Plan here.

The Annual Business Plan (ABP) presents an overview of the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority’s (CCJPA’s) strategic plan and funding request for the next two fiscal years.

This is an excellent opportunity for current riders or any or anyone interested in the Capitol Corridor service to learn more about and have a say in our future. We will be hosting three online workshops, each of which requires registration: (All times are PST)

    1. Tuesday, January 18, 5-6 PM
    2. Wednesday, January 19, Noon-1 PM
    3. Thursday, January 20, 5-6 PM

Public Comment Period Open Through Friday, January 21, 2022

There are several ways to comment on the draft Annual Business Plan:

    • Online: Submit comment
    • By phone: Call 1-877-974-3322 and follow the phone prompt to leave a Business Plan comment by voicemail.
    • By mail: Send to the following address:
      CCJPA Annual Business Plan
      2150 Webster St., 3rd Floor
      Oakland, CA 94612

We look forward to your participation!