Transit Transfers

With a free Transit Transfer, you can connect to one of the transit services below at no charge

While on board the train, ask the conductor for Transit Transfer (or two, if you need to make a round trip). The validated transfer will be punched for the next day. Use one transfer to travel to your destination, stay the night, if needed, and use the second transfer the next day. Or, use them both on the same day.

How It Works

Simply jump aboard one of the participating connecting services (at no charge!) and present the transfer to the transit operator. Place face-up into the fare-box where applicable.

Where It Works

Transit Transfers are good for connections to:

AC Transit buses in the East Bay. Transfers from Capitol Corridor to AC Transit can be made at the Richmond, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, Hayward and Fremont stations. (Transfers are not valid on the AC Transit Transbay Service.)
The County Connection buses at the Martinez station.
e-Tran (Elk Grove Transit) buses at the Sacramento station.
Fairfield/Suisun TransitFairfield and Suisun Transit (FAST) buses at the Suisun, Vacaville, and Sacramento stations.
Tri Delta Transit buses at the Martinez station.
Sacramento Regional Transit light rail and buses at the Sacramento station.

Unitrans buses at the Davis station.
VTA (Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority) buses the Santa Clara University, Great America and San Jose Diridon stations and to nearby VTA light rail.
WestCAT buses the Martinez station.
Yolobus at the Sacramento and Davis stations.

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Transit Transfers
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For additional information, please call BART’s Ticket Helpline at (510) 464-6466 or visit the BART website.

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