Onboard Wi-Fi

Capitol Corridor trains offer complimentary Wi-Fi to keep you connected during your ride. Our next generation WiFi service is quicker and more reliable. Be productive, or simply sit back and have some fun while using any Wi-Fi enabled device.

How to connect:

  • Select Wi-Fi network “YourTrainWiFi”.
  • Open or refresh your browser to see the YourTrainWiFi welcome screen.
  • Click “I agree, get connected” to proceed to the Internet.

Enjoy the Content

We’ve added several new features to the Capitol Corridor Wi-Fi landing page:

  • Let loved ones know when the train will be arriving with the “Share my Train” feature,
  • The latest audiobooks and podcasts from Audible,
  • An interactive train tracking tool that provides riders real-time train status information,
  • The latest station and weather information,
  • Featured reading selections from local newspapers and magazines, including Sactown and Silicon Valley magazines
  • Information on our partners and latest promotional offers, and
  • Great photos from our riders and much more

Managing the Wi-Fi Experience

To ensure there is enough bandwidth for all of our onboard users, this free amenity supports general web browsing activities with limited ability to support high-bandwidth actions such as streaming video, music, or downloading large files. Please be advised the Capitol Corridor Wi-Fi service uses content filtering to block inappropriate content.

Learn More

For more information about on-board Wi-Fi, please view our WiFi Frequently Asked Questions.