Business Plan

The CCJPA submits an annual Business Plan update to the California State Transportation Agency.

The Board of Directors for the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority releases a draft of its annual business plan every year in January, which is then adopted as a final plan after feedback and revisions.  That final plan is submitted to the California State Transportation Agency.  Business plans typically provide insight into:

  • Operating Plans and Funding
  • Business and Marketing Strategies
  • Performance Standards
  • Fares and Amenities

The DRAFT FY2023-24 – FY2024-25 is now available to view below.  Please find more information on our public virtual workshops and public comment period here.

There are several ways to comment on the draft Annual Business Plan by January 23, 2023:

    • Online: Submit comment
    • By phone: Call 1-877-974-3322 and follow the phone prompt to leave a Business Plan comment by voicemail.
    • By mail: Send to the following address:
      CCJPA Annual Business Plan
      2150 Webster St., 3rd Floor
      Oakland, CA 94612