Frequent Rider

It really does pay to ride transit!

10-Ride (45-Day) Ticket

10-Ride (45-Day) tickets are good for 10 discounted one-way trips, valid for a 45-day period. Beginning August 19, 2013 only the person named on the ticket will be allowed to travel on a Ten-Ride (45-Day) ticket.

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Monthly Tickets

A monthly ticket is good for unlimited discounted rides between stations named on the ticket or any station located between the two endpoints (stations) listed on the ticket and is valid during the calendar month for which it is issued.

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Pre-Tax Transit Benefits

Federal law lets workers receive up to $230* a month in employer-paid tax-free transit costs, or take up to $230 a month in tax-sheltered payroll deductions for transit costs.

The law allows employers to give their workers up to $230 each month for transit or vanpool commuting costs as a tax-free benefit. It also allows employers to give employees the option to use payroll deductions to avoid paying taxes on up to $230 a month in commuting costs. Alternatively, employers can share these costs with their workers by paying part of their monthly commuting costs and letting workers pay the balance using pre-tax dollars. Either way, both employers and their employees can save money by participating in this simple plan. Visit and read about “Transit Commuter Benefits” or download their brochure.

* Maximum benefit effective January 2009. Benefit may increase in $5 increments, based on Cost-of-Living Adjustments.

Commuter Benefit programs are easy for your employer to implement

The following links will take you to some of the providers who can work with employers to make the appropriate arrangements. In addition, benefit management companies such as ADP, Ceridian, SHPS, Fringe Benefits Management, etc. can assist many employers with the implementation of a Commuter Tax Benefits program.