All Capitol Corridor trains welcome passengers with special needs. Our trains and stations are wheelchair-accessible and allow service animals.

On Board The Train

The lower level offers large restrooms that are wheelchair accessible. There are spaces to park wheelchairs on the lower level. Moveable armrests on the seats allow easy transfer to and from wheelchairs.

Wheelchair passengers should request assistance from the conductor when boarding. Wheelchair lifts are available on every train to assist passengers with reduced mobility. Also, if you are traveling alone and need assistance in purchasing food from the Cafe Car, please ask the conductor for help.

On Board Motorcoaches

To request a wheelchair accessible seat on a connecting motorcoach, please call Capitol Corridor at 1-877-9-RIDECC (1-877-974-3322).

Service Animals

Trained service animals accompanying passengers with disabilities are welcome in all customer areas of our stations, trains and Amtrak Thruway motorcoaches. Unfortunately, we cannot permit non-service animals onboard at any time. You must keep your service animal under control at all times and comply with local animal safety regulations. The animal should always be on a leash or in a carrier, except as required for boarding or detraining.

Walking your animal

If the train schedule permits, you may walk your service animal for a “restroom break” at station stops provided that you stay within reasonable proximity to the train and re-board promptly when the conductor notifies you that the train is about to depart. If you plan to walk your animal during the trip, please notify the conductor when you first board the train and when you offboard to do so. Please be advised that Capitol Corridor trains make very brief stops at most stations (typically less than 2 minutes).

Wheelchair Specifications

The wheelchair lift is designed to transport a common wheelchair no larger than 30×48 inches and total weight with occupant not to exceed 600 lbs. The following is a list of devices that meet the definition of a common wheelchair:

  • Non-powered wheelchairs
  • Motorized wheelchairs (battery powered)
  • Three-wheel and four-wheel scooters (battery powered devices withsmall wheels and a chair mounted above a motorized platform)
  • Segway personal transporters do not qualify and will not be accommodated.