CCJPA Performance

The Capitol Corridor publishes monthly and annual performance reports with data on ridership, on-time performance and key service plan highlights and projects.

How Busy is My Train or San Francisco-Emeryville Connecting Bus?

Here's the latest peak seat occupancy data from Nov 01, 2023 to Nov 30, 2023 for our train and connecting bus services. To compare occupancy and crowding levels with BART, click here!

Monthly Performance Reports

These reports cover monthly ridership figures and key performance statistics.

Passenger Surveys

Once a year, the CCJPA conducts a survey of its passengers to stay abreast of customer satisfaction and demographics. We thank you for your participation in these surveys, as the information is invaluable to us as we continue service improvement efforts.

Check Your Train

Find out the peak seat occupancy on your train using this convenient tool. Simply enter your train number below.



Annual Performance Reports

Each year, the CCJPA staff prepares an annual report which outlines key service plan highlights, projects completed/underway, marketing initiatives, and legislative agenda. Performance reports also include ridership, revenue, on-time performance and revenue-to-cost ratio results.