Seats and Restrooms


Capitol Corridor coach cars offer spacious seating and “social” seating areas with tables on both levels.

Footrests and tray tables are available at many seats. There are convenient storage areas for carry-on luggage either above the seats or at the end of each car. To maximize availability of seats for everyone, please place your belongings in the overhead storage bin or rack.

Please reserve tables for groups of three or more. Seating on the lower level is reserved for our mobility-impaired guests.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are available at seats on both levels of the train.
Computers and other personal electronic devices can be safely plugged into these surge-protected outlets.


On all coach cars, the lower level offers large restrooms that are
wheelchair accessible to passengers. Some coach cars also offer an upstairs restroom. Restrooms are not available in Café Cars.