How the System on the Train Works

The system on the train is provided by access points located in each car (“intermediate cars”) that are wirelessly meshed to a central “brain” car which houses a server/router with multiple cellular data cards and antennas to communicate with the cellular network along the route. The cellular cards are the limiting factor in the system connecting to the wide area network (WAN—or what many people more casually term, “the internet”). The signals that arrives or leaves the train via those cellular cards is actually sent and managed through a network operating center (NOC). The bandwidth provided by each cellular card is aggregated and rebroadcast for uploads and downloads over the on-train wireless network (the local area network or LAN) and delivered using the Wi-Fi ® protocols thus allowing any modern Wi-Fi equipped devices to connect to the network via the afore mentioned access points. The café/diner car in each train consist is the brain car (with a few coach car exceptions from time to time) and each coach or cab/coach car is considered the intermediate car.