CC Rail Mail – May 30, 2008

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Capitol Corridor News – May 30, 2008
Track Work Begins Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Track Work June 3-28, 2008
This is a quick reminder that track work between the Martinez and
Suisun/Fairfield stations begins on Tuesday, June 3.
A temporary schedule will be in effect from June 3-28, 2008. During
this time, the following Capitol Corridor trains will be suspended:
533, 534, 745, 746.
For morning and afternoon trains, connecting buses will carry
passengers between the Martinez and Suisun/Fairfield stations; and
trains will operate on the remainder of the route with a modified
For a detailed schedule and more information about this trackwork
project , visit
Bicycle Advisory During Track Work
Due to limited space aboard motorcoach buses used during the bus
bridge, Capitol Corridor strongly discourages cyclists from traveling
with their bicycles on affected trains between Suisun/Fairfield and
Martinez during the track work project. We suggest that cyclists be
prepared to secure bicycles at the train station, as bicycles will not
be permitted in the seating area on the buses. Storage space
underneath the bus is very limited and priority will be given to
More details on bicycle advisory