CC Rail Mail – September 26, 2008

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In this issue:
Safety Message from the Managing Director
Quiet Car
Sacramento Valley Station – Parking Lot Construction
Cal Football and “Fill the Bus” Food Drive
October Rider Appreciation Events
AIDS Walk Silicon Valley
Safety Message from the Managing Director
In regards to Capitol Corridor’s safety record, thanks to the
diligence and attention to safety by Amtrak and Union Pacific
Railroad–the entities responsible for actual operation of Capitol
Corridor trains–some 14.5 million passengers have safely been
transported on Capitol Corridor trains since the service was initiated
in December 1991.
There have been no passenger fatalities or serious injuries during
this time on-board our trains, even though nearly one billion
passenger-miles of service have been delivered. Overall, passenger
rail remains the safest way to travel on the planet. Most people are
not aware that highway accidents alone kill some 40,000 people per
year, and have done so every year since the 1960s. Because rail
travel is already so safe, when a rare incident does occur–such as
the tragedy in Chatsworth–there is much media attention given to it.
While our trains are safe, we fully support federal legislation now
being considered to make them even safer. It will mandate and fund
installation of contemporary railroad signal technology, called
Positive Train Control (PTC) that will automatically stop trains in
the event they end up on a collision course. The bill has already
passed the House, however, it is stalled in the Senate by an Oklahoma
Senator. If enacted, rail lines with passenger service like the
Capitol Corridor and other lines with hazardous materials would be the
first priority for PTC installation.
Long before the Chatsworth incident, the Capitol Corridor had
initiated plans with Union Pacific to install communication
components that will be required for the latest railroad signal
systems technology. If added federal funding is appropriated, this
installation can be advanced sooner. I want to reassure our riders
that every safety measure that can be implemented is being employed
for your safety and security in riding our trains.
Eugene Skoropowski
CCJPA Managing Director
Quiet Car – Monday, September 29
At the request of passengers, Capitol Corridor will officially
reinstate designated Quiet Cars on select morning trains beginning
Monday, September 29th. A designated Quiet Car will be available on
the following morning trains only: 518, 520, 521, 522, 523, 525, and
527. Signs will be posted to indicate which car is the official
Quiet Car aboard the train.
More about Capitol Corridor’s Quiet Car Policy
Sacramento Valley Station Parking Lot Construction
The City of Sacramento, Department of Transportation will be
re-surfacing and re-striping the front parking lot at the Sacramento
Valley Station (SVS). Parking lot improvements will take place on the
following weekend:
-September 27 (early am) through September 28 (midnight)
The SVS parking lot will re-open Monday morning for daily commuters.
During construction, parkers can access the SVS lot by using the 2nd
Street entrance. For your convenience, additional parking is available
at the Old Sacramento parking garage, located at 2nd and I Streets.
The main entrance located at 5th and I Street will not be available to
drop off and pick up passengers. Passenger drop off and pick up will
be located west of the station at 2nd and I Streets. Please follow
detour signs.

Cal Football and “Fill the Bus” Food Drive – September 27
If you’re headed to Berkeley this Saturday to watch the California
Golden Bears take on Colorado State, here are a few things to know:
-When the conductor comes by to lift your ticket, ask him/her for two
Transit Transfers if you plan to connect to AC Transit at Berkeley
-If you plan to connect at BART, you can buy a $10 value BART ticket
for $8 in the Cafe Car
-AC Transit, the ASUC Auxiliary and the Daily Californian are holding
a “Fill the Bus” food drive on Saturday, September 27 from 10am-4pm.
Stop by for prizes, live music and other fun!
More info about taking Capitol Corridor to the game.

October Rider Appreciation Events
Rider appreciation events could be coming to a train near you!
Each quarter, Capitol Corridor hosts rider appreciation events on
board the train to thank you for your train-riding loyalty! Visit us
in the Cafe Car to sample a selection of items from our menu, and
enjoy complimentary soft drinks. See below for exact dates and
trains–if your usual train isn’t on here, don’t despair–we rotate
each quarter and try to visit with the busiest trains, so sooner or
later, we hope to see you!
October 7
Train 549 between Sacramento and Oakland Jack London
October 9
Train 542 between San Jose and Suisun-Fairfield
AIDS Walk – Sunday, October 19
19th Annual Walk For AIDS Silicon Valley
Amtrak Capitol Corridor is a proud sponsor of Walk For AIDS Silicon
Valley. The 10K event begins at 8:00am on Sunday October 19 at
Discovery Meadow at the corner of Woz Way and San Carlos in San Jose
with the Walk itself starting at 10:00am. The event is a short walk
from the San Jose station. Join hundreds of participants in this
important fundraising event featuring music, entertainment, speakers,
and booths from various vendors. Proceeds benefit the many AIDS
services organizations in Santa Clara County. Prizes are also part of
the offerings to champion walkers and there are plenty of
opportunities for those who wish to volunteer in support of the event.

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