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Special Message to Riders: June 7, 2010

Dear Riders,

For those of you who were onboard trains this past weekend, I want to
apologize for the delays you may have experienced and let you know why our Capitol Corridor trains continued to be affected this morning.

This past weekend (June 5-6th), Union Pacific signal crews were
completing work on a CCJPA-funded project to activate the signals for
the new crossovers that had been installed at the Emeryville station.
In order to complete this work, all trains operated on a single track
through the work area. Unfortunately, trains were not able to be
dispatched through the area as quickly as we had hoped, creating
longer-than-anticipated delays to weekend trains.

This morning, Union Pacific conducted additional tests on the signal
system to ensure their full functionality. During this process, work
crews had to manually direct train traffic through the area, causing
delays that cascaded to other trains. As of 8am this morning, the
work was complete, and we do not anticipate any delays for this
afternoon’s trains. Additionally, now that these new crossovers are
installed, we expect they will improve train operations by reducing
the delays that sometimes occur when more than one train needs to
access the Emeryville station.

Your patience, understanding and cooperation are appreciated as we
work to increase the reliability of your train service.

Thank you for your understanding and patience over the weekend and
this morning.


David B. Kutrosky
CCJPA Managing Director