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Capitol Corridor Operating Normally after Highway Collapses

Capitol Corridor is operating regularly scheduled service following the tanker truck explosion and resulting collapse of the connector to Interstate 580 from the Bay Bridge onto the roadway connecting I-80 to I-880 and downtown Oakland.
There is no damage or disruption to railroad facilities in the area, and all Amtrak trains, including the Capitol Corridor trains and San Joaquin trains are operating normally. Amtrak mechanical personnel will be adding any available coaches to regularly scheduled trains to provide as much added capacity for people who may decide to use the Capitol Corridor as an alternate means of travel between Sacramento/Davis, Martinez, Richmond/Emeryville/San Francisco/Oakland, and Fremont/Santa Clara and San Jose. Unfortunately, almost every available coach is already assigned to regular trains, so this capacity increase will be very limited.
Bus connections between Emeryville and San Francisco: As of Sunday 4/29/07, there are no delays or disruption to the Amtrak connecting bus service between Emeryville Station and downtown San Francisco, but this could change if traffic becomes slowed or stopped worse than on a normal weekday, which is probable. The Amtrak California connecting buses use the carpool lanes to/from the Bay Bridge, and travel north on I-80 a short distance to Emeryville (near Powell Street), and there is no physical disruption to this bus route.
BART Alternative:Passengers who travel on connecting buses between San Francisco and Emeryville (both directions) may want to consider transferring to BART the Richmond BART Station as an alternative. Capitol Corridor trains are being stocked with additional discounted BART tickets for train passengers ($10 value BART ticket is sold for $8) to assist passengers traveling to/from San Francisco. Visit for schedules.
Please visit our website for updates as they are available: or call 1-877-9RIDE-CC (1-877-974-3322).