What type of ticket should I buy?

There are three ticket options: one-way/round-trip, monthly unlimited, and 10-ride. You can read more about the each ticket option on our Tickets page.

Help! How do I read the schedule?

First, determine if you will be travelling on a weekday or weekend, and which direction you will be going—westbound toward San Jose or eastbound toward Sacramento. Locate your departure and arrival stations, listed vertically along the left side of the chart. Once you have located your stations, simply follow the row across to see all the departure and arrival times …

Where can I find information about fares and schedules?

You can find fare and schedule information on our website under Tickets or Routes and Schedules or pick up a schedule at the station or on board the train. Capitol Corridor also offers several every day discounts for children and seniors, as well as seasonal promotions. Check the Deals and Promotions page for more information.

Where can I go on the Capitol Corridor

The Capitol Corridor is an intercity passenger rail service with 18 stations between Auburn and San Jose. Visit our Destinations page for trip ideas or view our route map to see where we can take you!

Do I need to make a reservation?

No. The Capitol Corridor is an unreserved route, so no reservations are required, and you can buy your tickets at any time and easily hop on board! Because we are unreserved you may purchase a ticket and use it at a later time or date (within one year of purchase) if your travel plans change. However, certain promotions and discounts …