Capitol Corridor Introduces Its Passengers To The Portable Miracle Ball Method

Priscilla Kalugdan Press Releases

Ideal for Travelers Seeking Relaxation

OAKLAND, CALIF. January 29, 2007 – The Capitol Corridor is taking passenger comfort to a whole new level. Teaming with Workman Publishing and Elaine Petrone, author of The Portable Miracle Ball Method, Capitol Corridor will offer passengers tips and techniques from Petrone’s proven method for staying healthy and relaxed during travel.
The accessible kit is ideal for travelers and anyone who wishes to remain relaxed amidst the hectic pace of life. With more and more people working farther from home and traveling longer durations via train, the kit is a perfect accompaniment to sitting back and allowing the body to realign itself-while on the go. The Miracle Ball helps relax muscles, which in turn improves breathing and circulation.
The techniques target a variety of muscles and joints. Exercises such as Seated Back on the Ball relieves the neck and shoulders of tension and adds more flexibility to the spine. From the Head and Neck Turn to the Wrists on the Ball methods, there are a variety of sit-down and stand-up methods that are perfectly conducive to train travel.
Additionally, the kit caters to people who experience chronic pain. More than 50 million people are now affected by chronic pain and 25% of all computer users have developed carpal tunnel syndrome. The Portable Miracle Ball Method can be used anywhere to find relief from stress and pain.
Enthuses Priscilla Kalugdan, Marketing Manager of the Capitol Corridor, “We are always seeking ways to enhance our services and make travel more pleasurable and enjoyable aboard the train. Introducing The Portable Miracle Ball Method to our passengers is just another example of Capitol Corridor’s dedication to improving passenger relaxation and satisfaction.”
Passengers can find a brochure outlining some activities from The Portable Miracle Ball Method onboard the train in mid-February. These free brochures will be distributed in the seatbacks. Passengers who wish to purchase The Portable Miracle Ball Method can do so at any book retailer.

About the Author of The Portable Miracle Ball Method

Elaine Petrone is a stress reduction and fitness expert and the creator of The Miracle Ball Method and The Portable Miracle Ball Method. She teaches and lectures to physicians, physical therapists and psychotherapists. She has researched lower back and upper body pain at Mt. Vernon Hospital, New York, and is involved with post operative recovery at the Rehabilitation Center of Southwestern Connecticut. She is presently the program coordinator at The Health and Fitness Institute in the Tully Center in Stamford, Conn. Elaine became interested in alternative therapies when she began to lose the use of her right leg after a dance injury. The ball therapy programs are the result of her years of experience healing herself and hundreds of others. For the past 20 years Elaine has taught ongoing group classes at The Health and Fitness Institute in Stamford. There is a national certification program that Elaine now runs through the institute.