Capitol Corridor offers Train Treks for kids

Priscilla Kalugdan Press Releases

Oakland, CA – There’s no better way to break up the hot days of summer than to take a cool ride aboard the Amtrak Capitol Corridor. Are you a teacher, a scout leader or some other youth organization looking for an exciting field trip? This summer the Capitol Corridor is offering Train Treks to allow kids to visit fun, educational and exciting destinations. A group size of just 20 people or more qualifies.
Kids, teachers and group leaders can ride anywhere along the Capitol Corridor route for as low as $5 per person round trip, provided space is available. Simply visit and then click on Train Treks for Kids, download the reservation request form and fax it in. It’s that simple! Rules and tips are also provided on this website to ensure a great time.
The Capitol Corridor connects Sacramento and the Sierra foothills with the San Francisco Bay Area and points beyond. The Train Treks program launched in February of this year and already, thousands of school kids have ridden the train. While Train Treks provides teachers a means of transporting students to local museums and attractions, it also introduces train travel to a younger generation. In the near future, the program will expand to include the history of trains, information about using public transportation to help the environment, and rail safety.
Eugene Skoropowski, Managing Director of the Capitol Corridor, says of the program “For too many years, modern train travel has been missing from our American transport system. Today’s modern Capitol Corridor trains provide a chance for the future of America, our youth, to see them, ride them and enjoy them. The Train Treks program gives these young people first-hand knowledge that trains can be an effective, important and fun way to travel. The youngsters of today will become the regular train passengers of tomorrow.”
The following attractions and destinations are located near Amtrak Capitol Corridor stations. Please see our website for more information on traveling to these destinations on your Train Treks trip.
Old Sacramento
California State Capitol
Six Flags Marine World
San Francisco’s PIER 39
The Potomac
Paramount’s Great America
Children’s Discovery Museum
The Tech Museum of Innovation