Capitol Corridor to Vie for $98 Million in Economic Stimulus Dollars

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Capitol Corridor to Vie for $98 Million In Economic Stimulus Dollars
10 “Shovel Ready” Projects in Northern California

Oakland, CA., March 4, 2009 — On March 9, Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) officials will head to Washington D.C. to throw the agency’s hat in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) ring. CCJPA officials will meet with lawmakers and policymakers to demonstrate that Capitol Corridor projects are “shovel ready” and will create both short-term and permanent jobs.
“This is the first time that the federal lawmakers have set aside a significant investment for intercity passenger rail and we want to make sure that Capitol Corridor is part of the grant process,” CCJPA Chair Jim Holmes said. “More importantly, we want our service and Northern California to benefit from the ARRA. The stimulus projects we have identified are already designed and are shovel ready. We intend to meet with legislators and policymakers to attest that we have $98 million of intercity rail improvement projects that are good to go, can create jobs immediately and will result in permanent long-term employment as well.”
The economic recovery legislation signed by President Obama on February 17 provides $8 billion for investments in high speed and conventional intercity rail projects. Of the $8 billion, two funding sources–the Capital Assistance for Intercity Passenger Rail Service and Congestion Grants–have been established and will be administered by the US Department of Transportation (US DOT). Capitol Corridor will vie for funds from both.
“California has a 17-year proven track record in making capital intercity rail improvements by partnering with the freight railroads,” CCJPA Managing Director Eugene Skoropowski said. “These federal stimulus dollars are another incremental step in the CCJPA’s successful partnership with Union Pacific Railroad.”
Project List
Projects that can begin in 90 to 120 days include:

  • Emeryville Station and Track Improvement (Alameda County) $10.0M
  • Capitalized Systemwide Track Maintenance (Capitol Corridor Route) $2.0M
  • San Jose Track and Station Project (Santa Clara County-partnership with Caltrain) Request $6.0M Total Cost: $52.0M
  • Bahia-Benicia Second Crossover (City of Benicia) $2.0M
  • Wireless/Wired Network Program (Systemwide) $10.0M
  • Ticketing, Passenger Communications (Systemwide) $8.0M
  • Santa Clara and Newark Track Project $25.0M
  • Yolo Causeway West Crossover (West of Sacramento) $7.0M

Projects that can begin in 180 days are:

  • Hayward Double Track Project (City of Hayward) $22.0M
  • Sacramento Station & Track Facilities Construction $6.0M (Total Cost: $56M)

Capitol Corridor Route Total Grant Request: $98.0M Total Project Costs: $144.0M
“These are not mega-projects but relatively modest investments that will improve reliability, expand track capacity and continue our service improvements to the public,” Skoropowski said. “Federal stimulus money invested into Capitol Corridor puts contractors to work in the short term and creates permanent long-term employment as added train services are implemented.”