New Capitol Corridor Timetable Provides 22 Trains a Day

Priscilla Kalugdan Press Releases

Oakland, CA – Effective January 6, 2003, the Capitol Corridor begins a new schedule with 22 trains a day, including 22 weekday trains and 19 weekend trains offering riders more versatility and travel times. In addition, Capitol Corridor introduced a new weekday train route #521 to the line, which will enhance early morning commutes from Sacramento to San Jose.
“I was raised in the ‘Dave Gunn School of Management’,” said Eugene Skorpowski, Managing Director of Capitol Corridor, of the additional train service. “Which simplified, means that there are always efficiencies to be made, and if you can’t find a way to make improvements or cost efficiencies one way, try another way. That’s what we’ve done. I think the private sector term for this activity is called ‘good management’ of resources.”
The updated timetables are available now at Capitol Corridor train stations and other agencies, including visitor’s bureaus, hotels, universities, and regional transit groups. The new schedules are also available online at the Capitol Corridor website:
Highlights of the new schedule include:

  • Route #546, which was previously a motorcoach route, will become a train route.
  • Train #553 operates from Sacramento departing at 9:10 PM and arriving in Oakland at 11:20 PM on Fridays only with connecting motorcoach service from Emeryville to San Francisco.
  • Now up to 22 trains a day, with 22 weekday trains and up to 19 trains on weekends.
  • New train route #521 operates weekdays from Sacramento departing at 4:25am and arriving in San Jose at 7:45 AM.

To order printed timetables, contact Mari Hirabayashi (510) 874-7491 or [email protected].