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Capitol Corridor Releases Wireless Network RFQ
Passenger Rail Service Seeks Firms to Develop Wireless Broadband Network to Bring Free Internet Access to Passengers, Enhance Rail Safety and Improve Operations
OAKLAND, CALIF., May 11, 2009 — Today, Monday, May 11, the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to seek a firm that will develop and install an advanced wireless network system for its intercity passenger rail system. The end project will leverage multiple technologies to support a wide range of applications, and will be shared with other transport agencies. CCJPA seeks a wireless network to enhance safety and security for passengers and employees, and improve operations on the system, while also providing free Internet access to passengers on trains and at stations along the Capitol Corridor from Auburn to San Jose.
“Riders have been requesting Wi-Fi access on the trains for years,” said CCJPA Managing Director Gene Skoropowski. “Our wireless network will increase productivity and satisfaction among our passengers and will be another Capitol Corridor amenity that will encourage people to leave their cars at home. Choosing the train instead of driving eases congestion, improves air quality and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Wireless broadband networks are a compelling proposition for passengers and train operators alike, and we expect to see a rapid increase in this service enhancement across the United States.”
The RFQ was developed in close partnership with Caltrans Rail Division (Caltrans). Caltrans is a funding partner and will share the wireless network with CCJPA to deploy additional safety and operational applications along the Capitol Corridor route and to expand availability of free Internet access to passengers on the San Joaquin Intercity Trains.
“We will build our network in multiple stages, with Internet access to passengers rolling out first, followed closely by advanced applications that will make our rail service safer and more efficient,” said CCJPA Principal Planner Jim R. Allison. “We worked hard in the past few years to select the right mix of technologies and a sustainable business case and we are confident that approach will result in a substantial improvement in passenger experience and safety.”
For further information and copies of the RFQ, visit www.capitolcorridor.org/wifi.