In 2018, the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) received $93 million through the enactment of the Road Repair and Accountability Act, also known as Senate Bill 1 or SB 1. Using these funds, the CCJPA has begun to advance several projects and initiatives that will improve the safety and reliability of trains, as well as advance near-term projects that expand and enhance service between San Jose and Roseville. Going forward with this new source of state transportation funds, the CCJPA will receive $5 million annually, and every two years, the CCJPA will be eligible to compete for awards of up to $250 million.

Here’s how SB 1 funds help the Capitol Corridor. Click on the list below to learn more.

  •   Expand service
  •   Improve Reliability
  •   Maximize Safety
  •   Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  •   Enhance customer service

Capitol Corridor Project Updates

Here’s how SB 1 funds help the Capitol Corridor. Learn more about each project here and view an interactive map on your desktop computer.