Temporary Adjustments to Thruway Bus Schedules During Fix 50 Highway Construction Project in Sacramento

Philip Krayna News Archive, Service Alerts


From April 22 through June 25, 2014 (with a break from May 22 through May 26 for the Memorial Day weekend), Caltrans will be doing major construction work on Highway 50 (“Fix 50 Project”, www.fix50.com). This project is expected to cause severe traffic congestion in the Sacramento area and is broken down into two phases, with Phase 1 affecting eastbound lanes on Highway 50 from April 22 through May 21, and Phase 2 affecting westbound lanes from May 22 through June 25.

While this work does not have a significant impact on Capitol Corridor, there will be minor temporary bus connection schedule adjustments to account for more traffic in the Sacramento area. We are also expecting more train riders due to the fact that Yolo Transit and Sacramento Regional Transit will be encouraging their patrons to use Capitol Corridor.

Potential Route Diversion of Bus 3802, April 22-May 22 Only
Thruway Bus 3802 will operate on its regular schedule; however, if traffic is backed up between Davis and Sacramento, the bus may reroute via Highway 113 and Interstate 5 after picking up Davis passengers. This rerouting will not result in any missed stops.

Temporary Bus 3447 Schedule Changes – May 27-June 25 Only
If you will be travelling from the Lake Tahoe area to Sacramento during Phase 2 of the project, please note that Thruway Bus 3447 will depart 20 minutes earlier than scheduled during the work period to accommodate longer travel times into Sacramento. Following are the new temporary departure times during Phase 2 of the project:

  • Stateline, NV Bus Stop – Depart 2:00PM
  • Stateline, CA Transit Center Bus Stop – Depart 2:05PM
  • South Lake Tahoe, CA Transit Center Bus Stop – Depart 2:15PM
  • Placerville, CA Transit Center Bus Stop – Depart 3:35PM
  • Sacramento, CA Amtrak Station – Arrive 5:25PM

Tips for Travel:

  • Trains between Davis and Sacramento will likely be more crowded, so be extra vigilant about keeping empty seats clear of personal belongings and extra baggage.
  • You’ll need plenty of extra time to get to the Sacramento Station if you are traveling there by car or bus, so plan accordingly.