New Weekend Train Schedule Goes Into Effect Monday, July 28 with Convenient Service to Levi’s Stadium

Philip Krayna News Archive, Service Alerts


On Monday, July 28, 2014, Capitol Corridor will implement a new schedule affecting weekend train service, as well as some connecting bus routes. Highlights include:

  • No changes to the weekday train schedule – changes affect weekend trains only.
  • Rescheduled morning and afternoon/evening trains from San Jose to accommodate passengers attending events at the new Levi’s Stadium (Santa Clara/Great America Station).
  • Reopening of the downtown San Francisco Financial District/Hyatt connecting bus stop.
  • More efficient bus service from San Francisco to Emeryville for Train 542 connections.

The following schedule adjustments will go into effect on Monday, July 28:

Eastbound train changes:

  • 720 Departs Oakland Jack London Station 30 minutes later
  • 728 Departs San Jose 20 minutes later
  • 736 Service now originates out of Oakland Jack London Square Station
  • 738 Service originates out of San Jose; operates 20 minutes later out of Oakland Jack London Square Station
  • 742 Departs San Jose 45 minutes later
  • 744 Departs San Jose 15 minutes later

Westbound train changes:

  • 723 Departs Sacramento 10 minutes later
  • 727 Departs Sacramento 30 minutes later
  • 729 Departs Auburn 5 minutes later; service extended to San Jose
  • 733 Service terminates at Oakland Coliseum Station
  • 741 Departs Sacramento 5 minutes earlier

Bus connection changes:

  • Some connecting bus schedules associated with the new train times may be affected.
  • More efficient bus service from San Francisco to Emeryville for weekday connections to Train 542.
  • The San Francisco Financial District/Hyatt stop is reopening.

This new schedule, effective on July 28, will be available soon on the Capitol Corridor website, as well as at stations and on board trains.