No Transbay BART Service to San Francisco August 1 & 2, Labor Day Weekend

Philip Krayna News Archive, Service Alerts

Due to critical BART maintenance work, there will be NO BART SERVICE through the Transbay Tube on August 1 and 2, 2015, and over the upcoming three-day Labor Day weekend. On these days, Capitol Corridor passengers who connect to BART at the Richmond or Coliseum stations will not be able to use BART for travel to/from San Francisco or other West Bay destinations such as SFO Airport. (BART service to other East Bay stations – except West Oakland, which will be closed – is unaffected.)

For travel to San Francisco, passengers can connect to the Capitol Corridor/Amtrak bus at Emeryville; however, it is expected that vehicle traffic over the Bay Bridge will result in delays of one to two hours. Bike storage on the buses will also be limited. Passengers needing to get to San Francisco may also consider taking the Capitol Corridor to Oakland Jack London Square, where they can connect with the San Francisco Bay Ferry.

BART Map shutdown_2015